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Dad Sandals:the shoe trend of the summer

Incredible but true, the Dad sandals , the flagship shoe model of the 90s, is making a comeback. However, these massive sandals are not the first ones that come to mind when looking for aesthetics...Dad sandals, in the same line as Birkenstocks and Crocs, are very comfortable shoes. .

It's a bit like the Summer/Spring version of Dad shoes or Dad sneakers, this vintage piece that we bring out in all the sauces to make it a must-have for the summer season. Be warned, shoes will therefore be everywhere on the feet of seasoned fashionistas this summer! But how to succeed brilliantly in wearing Dad sandals in plugged-in mode? Here are some fashion tips and look inspiration so you don't get bogged down.

The return of the Dad sandal, an unexpected comeback


With velcro, with a thick sole and a massive shape, the Dad sandals have nothing of the glamorous and feminine shoe when you look at them carefully. Until this year, it was rather the comfortable piece of our summers that we wore (or not) without daring to admit it... Put away for years, the Dad sandals were brought up to date in 2014 by Prada fashion show .. But it is truly this season that it becomes the It-shoes to absolutely shop. As with the return of the clog shoe, the Dad sandals surprise us by letting ourselves imagine ourselves with this pair of comfy at the feet. It must be said that the fashion looks of fashionistas and influencers do not leave us indifferent. After seeing the Dad sandals worn with a slip skirt in satin and a small oversize blouse , we must admit that they become a trendy fashion accessory on almost any outfit. Moreover, creators and designers use ingenuity to revisit the traditional model of the Dad sandal in colored versions or with trendy prints like python or leopard. In short, the Dad sandal is the shoe you have to dare to wear this summer !

How to wear the Dad sandal to be stylish?

A few tips to remember.


The key word for a successful look with Dad sandals in 2021, it's the style! Style, style, always and more. No question of taking out your Sunday leggings and sweatshirt to wear fashionista it-shoes. If the pace seems effortless as desired with these retro shoes, it is actually the clever mix of a well-worked look.
  • We wear Dad sandals with must-have fashion pieces like mom jeans or colorful paper bag pants.
  • On the top side, we don't hesitate to swap our basic summer top for a more elaborate top like a blouse with balloon sleeves or an oversized crop-top. The idea is simple:use style and ingenuity to create a look that matches that of fashion influencers.
  • Even the bohemian dress or the satin skirt can't resist the pair of comfortable shoes! That's how easy it will be to accessorize with many pieces of your wardrobe!

We dare to wear Dad Sandals with socks!


From now on, the combination of socks and open shoes is no longer a lack of taste (as long as we master this story). With a denim skirt and a pretty blouse with XXL volumes, the Dad sandals allow themselves the privilege of swapping their bare feet for feminine socks. A bold look that will not go unnoticed but will propel you into the ranks of seasoned fashionistas.

How to wear Dad sandals with a dress?


Dress and Dad sandals, do you think it's risky? Think again, the combination is perfect for creating a gap between the masculine and massive look of the thick sandal and the femininity of a pretty little trendy dress. But be careful, when it comes to dresses, you must at all costs choose fashionable models that will bring character to your outfit.


Here are some examples of dresses that will go perfectly with your new sandals:

  • All the little retro dresses chic with a gingham print, polka dots or stripes.
  • The white dresses in all their variations (babydoll, bohemian dress, dress with balloon sleeves, shirt dress, oversize dress…);
  • Denim dresses in the seventies, eighties or nineties style;
  • Dresses with puffed sleeves or shoulder pads;
  • The smocked dress, the dress trend of the season;
  • The oversized maxi dress;
  • The sublime slipdress for a minimalist look.

What pants with Dad shoes?


Carrot pants, slip pants, trendy jeans, cropped jeans, slouchy, baggy, paperbag, the golden rule with the Dad sandal is on the one hand the high waist and on the other hand not too slim fit . Slightly wide straight pants can do the trick, but we especially avoid slim pants if you don't want to stick to the original style of the 90s. Conversely, if you take a vintage but contemporary piece like the tie and dye , safari pants, wideleg jeans or the carrot pants, you will get a perfect mix to enhance your vintage sandals.


Of course, don't forget to accessorize your looks with strong pieces by wearing a crop-top, an XXL blazer , a fanny pack or cute retro glasses!

Choose your skirt with your Dad sandals


With the Dad sandals for women , you have several options:
  • Surf the retro style with a midi skirt, a pleated skirt for example at the high waist and a basic t-shirt or a t-shirt with XXL shoulders;
  • Or the modernized version with a mini skirt (in jeans or leather for example);
  • Bermudas and shorts are also very fashionable options for a sleek chic style. In this case, do not hesitate to choose a pair of Leather dad sandals .
You are now a summer It-shoes pro! To you the sublime little Dad sandals in trendy fashion. To go out with friends or go on vacation, do not forget them in your suitcase. They will go with everything and for all kinds of occasions.