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The trendy summer accessory:the clog shoe

They will hit the headlines and surprise everyone at a moment's notice, the clog shoes are making a comeback this summer. The unthinkable happened, the clog and its old-fashioned heaviness managed to find its way to the podiums of the catwalks to become a trendy fashion accessory for summer 2021 . Influencers, celebrities and fashion addicts have already adopted it to create delicious retro chic looks that we like to decipher with attention. So how to wear the clog shoe with style? To successfully integrate this fashion accessory into your wardrobe, you will have to immerse yourself in current codes. A few golden rules are essential for a contemporary and trendy style with clogs on your feet!

Clog shoes:the seventies comeback

After the cuts of flared jeans, the hippie dresses, the scarf in the hair and many other fashion trends picked up in the seventies, it is the turn of a flagship shoe to make its big comeback. You may have already seen them on the feet of stars in celebrity magazines, clogs are the new it-shoes of the moment !

They remind us of the clogs of our grandmothers with their robustness, their heaviness and their complementary vintage style. For most people, clogs are the shoe of yesteryear, the one you may see at the foot of the figurines for Christmas, but especially not the one you imagined wearing this summer to sublimate our little one in a shirt dress. in jeans. And yet, the creators are once again succeeding in reviving a vintage trend . Because the clog is not as far away as you might think, it was already the flagship shoe of the seventies . Sported with flared jeans and floral shirts, the clog was a symbol of cool and casual style. While we thought it had been definitively forgotten, here it is coming back to the fore with completely modernized versions ready to anchor themselves in the 21st century with their heads held high. From now on, the clog takes on lightness and chic with finishes in noble material , these lines are more graphic and there are even colorful models. . A couture spirit in the image of Stella Mac Cartney , Hermes , Louis Vuitton , Chanel , Miu Miu ….The hippie shoe is no longer just rural, it is an urban shoe for seasoned fashionistas, a real style accessory that can be affixed next to a banana bag and worn with a belted dress. The stars have also seized it on the fly. Julia roberts, Kate moss, Alexandra Golovanoff, many of them show us their style prowess by putting on seventies shoes with modernity. Wooden clog, velvet clog, cork clog , leopard print, cowhide or python, old red or bright red, clogs are available in endless versions to blend into our dressing room.

How to choose your clog shoe?

Exit the wooden shoe made from a single block, now the clog is stylized.

First of all, on the cut side, we fall for rather traditional models with the toe of the shoe closed and the heel open. But you can also be tempted by much more feminine cuts by opting for high-heeled clogs. The little darling of the summer will be the wedge clog seventies style. With visible toes and a split leather or cowhide shoe upper, it will be the key accessory for a boho chic look.

For those who fear having to walk with clogs on their feet, there will even be strappy versions, enough to gain stability without losing a dose of style.


On the color side now, we particularly love the eternal pastel trend, soft and romantic with flower clogs or pastel clogs (pink, nude, water green). For a more trendy touch , we dare the leopard or python print clog.

Let's not forget the graphic clogs with a very couture spirit. Colored lines, straps, buckles, studs, wave-shaped soles, in short, a whole bunch of avant-garde hybrid models that make you wonder how you're going to be able to accessorize them. And finally on the material side, you will have the embarrassment of the choice between natural and light materials such as cork or noble and refined materials such as leather or velvet. And since this year, the Covid 19 has largely pushed us towards comfy looks, we will also very easily fall for asheepskin clog . It's a version halfway between the rustic clog, the slipper and the cozy fashion accessory that we all want to put on with cocooning clothes.

What to wear clogs with?

Let's now address the burning question, how to wear clogs in style ? The first advice we will give you is to accessorize it with a trendy outfit, or at least associate it with a garment with a trendy cut . Be careful who says trend, says in vogue at the moment. But it can be a retro cut. Are you following us? Thus, the clog will be downright stylish when it completes a total denim look, a white babydoll dress, a split pant, boyfriend jeans, a trendy bomber jacket or a lace shirt.
  • The idea is to feminize the cut of the hoof by adopting cuts of pants that are rather short or that reveal a little skin. 7/8 pants or 7/8 jeans are ideal with clog shoes.
  • As for skirts, we surf on the retro style with a midi skirt cut or a pleated midi skirt.
  • And for the dresses, we opt for cuts with unstructured volumes (ruffles, an asymmetrical sleeve, gathered shoulder pads).
Not to mention the fashion accessories that will enhance your look and give it the right tone. The chic hat, the leather bag, the bag clutch, the big belt at the waist, the retro glasses, the poncho...We give youa 100% fashion tip for creating an explosive look with clogs> :pair it with socks. And yes, we have already seen it this winter, the sock takes on the air of spring and invites itself into our winter looks in visible mode. It's a risky combination, but if you get your sock-clog style , you will pass directly into the very hype rank trendy chicks.