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The shoe trends spring summer 2017

All shoe trends spring summer 2017 at a glance. As a true fashionista, you naturally want the perfect, trendy pair of shoes to go with your outfit. Discover here which shoes are hot in spring and summer 2017 with the shoe trends spring summer 2017.

Platform shoes

The perfect shoe if you are not very tall:the platform shoe. Sandals with a (huge) platform are especially the trend this spring and summer. This shoe trend can also be combined with another trend that I will come back to in a moment:wearing socks in your summer shoes! Platform shoes are the ideal eye-catcher and a must in combination with a summer outfit.

Kitten heels:thin heels

Not a fan of stiletto heels? No worries. This summer you will be delighted with elegant thin heels, the well-known kitten heels. Not too high and yet enough to perfectly emphasize your femininity. On the runways, the heels were seen as an addition to sandals and pumps, so you have a wide choice.

Thin stillettos

The spring and summer trends 2017 are known for being full of contradictions. If a kitten is the trend, it is not surprising that the counterpart, thin stilettos, are also completely hot. Ideal for a party, but definitely also recommended for work if you don't have any problems walking in high heels all day.

Round Block Heels

Are the aforementioned kitten heels or stilettos not for you and are you looking for an alternative? Then the round block heels are a must for you. Instead of the sawed block heels, these have a round shape. This provides an extra elegant and feminine look, perfect in combination with that one nice pair of jeans or that great summer dress.

Branded shoes

As with the spring 2017 fashion trends, brand name imprints are all the rage. Pumps with the brand name on the side in striking letters or a heel with the initials of the brand, designers have done everything they can to make their brand name stand out.

Sandals with socks

A trend that will certainly not appeal to everyone (my daughter is horrified just thinking about it), but this spring and summer, sandals are being combined with socks. You can opt for striking or elegant socks, the choice is entirely up to you. Wear this shoe trend with a lot of verve and flair and forget your aversion to this trend for a while.

Boots and ankle boots

Boots and ankle boots do not have to be in the closet during the beautiful seasons. In fact, boots and ankle boots remain hot. If you think the aforementioned trend of socks and sandals is really going a bit too far, then I have good news. You can also combine boots and boots with socks. Make sure that you wear cropped jeans, for example, so that your combination is clearly visible.

Wrapped up anklet

A must have for spring summer 2017:wrapped up anklet. Whether it's a refined pump or a sandal, a piece of fabric that is tied around the ankle is it. The fabric provides more flair and gives your summer outfit that little bit extra that you need as a fashionista.

Metallic colors

If you want to stand out a bit with your shoes, then you are baked this summer. Metallic, both the complete shoe and details on the shoe are trendy. Think of shiny silver loafers, sneakers with metallic details or pumps with a small metallic addition. The trend offers designers plenty of opportunities to let loose.

White sneakers

The white sneaker has never been so trendy. Not so surprising when you consider that the design is timelessly sporty and also fits perfectly with the most diverse outfits. Ideal if you're looking for comfort, without compromising your fashionable appearance.


Good weather naturally calls for appropriate footwear. What fits better than slippers? And not just any slippers, because that would be too boring for the various runway shows. No, you can be seen with the slippers in 2017. Whether slippers have a fur pom pom or trendy beads, your feet are in the spotlight.

Bows, laces, ruffles and much more

2017 is the year that shoes should stand out. Get rid of boring shoes that are mainly practical. This year your shoes can be the center of your outfit. Brogues are pimped with bows, pumps with feathers and ankle boots are laced. The fur pom pom should of course not be missing. But also imprints of stars will frequently be seen in the streets in the next two seasons.

Slide away with pointed nose

The perfect compromise for anyone looking for the perfect pair of summer shoes without reaching for a sandal or flip flop:the slide. The slides look a lot like Oriental shoes with their pointed nose and often surprising colors and details.

The shoe trends spring summer 2017:colors

Now you are probably also curious about the trend colors for your shoes. This year it will again be pastel shades that will be worn with a slight preference for pink. Are you looking for a different color? Then take a look at mint green, gray or just white.