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The handbag trends spring 2017

Bag trends for the real fashionista. As a fashion-conscious woman, are you also curious which (hand) bag you really should have in your collection? Read all about the handbag trends spring 2017 here.

Big, bigger, biggest

If there is a trend that immediately stands out, it is this:bags are big, bigger and biggest. These are so-called duffel bags that look a lot like a real travel bag. Big advantage:you can really put everything in it and much more. And thanks to the trendy colors, such a large bag is also very trendy.

Small, smaller, dumbellina

A big contrast to the aforementioned spring 2017 bag trend:small, smaller, dumbellina. These bags are often even smaller than a clutch and are mainly intended to make a fashion statement. Whether these bags are really practical remains to be seen, because unfortunately you cannot store much more than a few coins and your lipstick in them. It is a cute eye-catcher.

Metallic bags

This is a trend that is teetering on the edge because it can quickly be so 80s. Combined with plain fabric or an elegant outfit, however, it becomes a completely different story and you can be a true trendsetter with your bag. Be inspired by the different designs.

Bag with decoration

Tired of the standard handbags? Then I have good news for you. The bag trends spring 2017 have given a nice twist to a boring bag by providing it with decoration. Think of a tassel, a beautiful fluffy ball or a large striking (plastic) flower. You can't think of it that crazy or you can decorate your bag with it.

Drawstring bag with top closure

A drawstring bag is nothing more than a small duffel bag, but wrapped in an elegant jacket. In this case, these are small versions that can be closed at the top with a cord. Ideal if you want something different than a standard handbag. Perfectly suited to give your outfit that little bit extra.

Handbags with floral prints

Floral prints are the trend in spring 2017 and this is reflected in the different designs of handbags. By matching the choice of your outfit to your handbag, it comes into its own. The perfect way to let your bag function as an eye-catcher.

Bags with a high cuddliness factor

Please note:with this trend it could happen that you are stroking the street with your bag. Not so surprising when your bag is covered with fur and is reminiscent of the soft skin of an animal. Here too, it concerns real fashion statements that you must of course combine well to show them optimally.

Artistic bags

Colors and more colors. If you are a fan of Picasso or other colorful art, this bag trend is a must. The brightly colored bags don't really have a specific motif, but they do have many colours.

Bags with tassels and fringe

This is actually an extension of the aforementioned trend whereby bags are provided with decoration. The tassels and fringes should certainly stand out. So the entire front consists of fringes or there are fringes around the entire bag. Stylish eye-catchers that match different outfits.

Reptile look

Back with a vengeance:the reptile look. Snakeskin (of course preferably fake!) or crocodile look:you choose what you go for this spring. Do you think it's all a bit over the top? Fortunately, there are also various designers who combine the reptile look with plain smooth leather. This way you can be trendy and elegant at the same time.

Chain as strap

Do you prefer a handbag, but are you looking for something a little different? Then you are in the right place for spring 2017. Instead of boring straps, opt for a handbag with a chain. Gold, silver, black or rose gold, the necklaces are fortunately available in different colors. Of course fully tailored to the design of the bag.

Round handles

If chains are not quite for you, then choose round, oval or semi-circular handles. The bags themselves can be made in the most diverse models. After all, the real eye-catcher is the handle.

Reusable shopping bags

Green is not only the trend color of the year 2017, but green is coming back as environmentally friendly. Fortunately, tote bags are no longer boring white, red or other bags, but you can safely be seen. So next time you go shopping, use reusable tote bags in trendy designs.

Say it in words

As with the fashion trends - spring 2017 - bags are also provided with all kinds of prints. Think of brand names, but slogans or individual words have also been seen on the runway. So have fun and choose the bag that makes you feel good.

Box as bag

Are normal bags round or oval, this trend deviates completely from this. In the spring 2017 bag trends we suddenly see square box bags popping up. Fortunately, there is a large choice in different sizes:choose bread bin size or inimini.


Fortunately, clutches are not out of fashion yet and you can also use them in the spring. Ideal if large bags are not for you, but you need just a little more storage space than with the inimini dumbellina bags. And a clutch remains the perfect choice for an elegant evening out.


A trend that has been out of the picture for a while is making a comeback:backpacks. Practical, with enough space to carry all your essentials and available in a variety of colors and sizes. Be careful with pickpockets:a backpack is easier to access! (yes, I speak from my own experience and was warned in time by an agent).

Bum bag makes a comeback

For some a fashion miss, others can't live without it. Bum bags are completely hip again in the spring. Fortunately, the various designers have packaged the hip bags in a fashionable design and your trendy look will be just fine.

Woven picnic bags

Maybe spring is just too early for this, but with the weather in the Netherlands you never know. Anyway:woven (picnic) bags are replacing the regular handbag this spring. Extra festive when the weather is nice. Of course you can also use it if you just want something different.

Bizarre eye-catching bags

Do you really want to stand out? You are served at your beck and call with striking, bizarre bags. From musical instruments to plush bears, it's all possible. Fortunately, there are also slightly less bizarre designs, with which you can still sufficiently stand out.

Satchel bag

The satchel bag, made of leather with a belt and clip, is a timeless classic that you should definitely have in your closet this spring. Fortunately, there is plenty of choice when it comes to design. It is the ideal bag for everyday use.

What do you think of the handbag trends spring 2017? Which bag are you definitely going to wear or not? Let me know? I'm curious!