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These are the lingerie trends for spring/summer 2022

We spend a lot of time putting together our everyday outfits and, when we go shopping for the latest fashion trends, lingerie is often overlooked. More often than not, underwear is an afterthought. But that shouldn't be the case. Isn't it satisfying to know you're wearing beautiful lingerie? That under your clothes, you are wearing something that makes you feel good about yourself? We believe that every woman should feel this way, so we started looking for the lingerie trends for 2022. Whether you opt for luxury lingerie or a slightly cheaper version, the trends are there for every budget.

1. Colour:both bright colors and pastel shades

We are big fans of bright, vibrant colors because they always put you in a good mood and are a breath of fresh air in our wardrobe. That is why we are so happy that in 2022 bras, briefs and bodysuits will also shine in cheerful shades. Black, white and red underwear are still absolute classics, but the pieces in blue, green, pink or yellow now bring a welcome change to our wardrobe. Trendy pastel shades such as lilac, pink or mint go particularly well with the spring and summer season.

2. The bralette is hip

Even though we've known it for a few years, the bralette remains a trend in lingerie! Ultra-comfortable, this wireless triangle – in your choice of lace, cotton or satin – is perfect for accentuating your chest. Sexy, elegant and sophisticated, it offers a beautiful neckline and good support. It will have a small effect, for example, under a transparent white or black blouse. Wear it at home under a cardigan or even as a top with sweatpants!

3. Comfortable lingerie

Bralettes are not only a comfortable trend for 2022, in general the focus for underwear this year is on comfort, naturalness and well-being. It is important to choose pieces that are practical and easy to wear, but still look elegant and good. This includes velvets, knits, breathable (organic) cotton, bustiers, seamless lingerie and high-cut briefs.

4. Shiny fabrics: silk &satin

Pieces of silk or satin have long been part of our wardrobe because we love the delicate fabric that feels so comfortable against the skin, especially in summer. And by the way, silk or satin also looks particularly stylish. No wonder that the material is now also conquering our lingerie. In 2022, in addition to bras and briefs made of comfortable cotton, lingerie made of delicate silk and satin will also find their way to our underwear drawer.

5. Eco-friendly lingerie

In the spring and summer of 2022, we will see more sustainable and environmentally friendly options in lingerie and swimwear. While it's not easy to create a versatile and ethical wardrobe, a focus on quality and comfort will keep the trend going. The trend is translated into lightweight, durable knits, cotton laced pieces and multifunctional pieces. It is important to avoid waste by creating a lingerie wardrobe that is both reliable and can withstand seasonal trends.