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The make up trends spring summer 2018

Especially for all make-up enthusiasts:the make-up trends spring summer 2018. Curious which make-up is indispensable for the next two seasons? How about striking black eyeliner, lots of glitter, metallic and eyelashes that you say to yourself, you can see it all in the make up trends spring summer 2018.

Glitter is back

Glitter wasn't popular for a while, but is making a comeback in 2018. It's the make up trend spring summer 2018! No small glitter this time, but large stones that you can stick around your eyes. Of course you can go for 1 stone very modestly, but why not three in a row to enhance the effect?

Ultra highlighter

For some, it can never be sparkly enough! Do you also love everything that glitters and do you find the aforementioned glitter and the golden make up not enough? Then indulge yourself, because ultra highlighters are the hit. So you don't have to be conservative with the highlighter, but opt ​​for striking glitter colors such as purple.

Golden makeup

You like it or not, but this spring and summer you will see a lot of gold in makeup. A newcomer to this is the golden highlighter. Incidentally, you do not have to limit yourself to gold in the form of a highlighter. After all, gold also looks great on your eyelid and upper lip. Have fun with gold and be the golden girl for the next two seasons.

Round corners of eyes

The well-known cat eye look will be drastically changed in 2018. The eyeliner is simply rounded in the corners of the eye like a kind of ball. Tip:to create the round shape in the corner of your eye you can use a small make-up sponge applicator that you use as a kind of stamp.

Dramatic black eyeliner

Black eyeliner is all the rage in 2018. The word frugal is not relevant here. Creating a dramatic look around your eyes is what it's all about. A thick line above and below your lashes and extend to the corner of the eye. Or get started with graphic shapes to make the eyeliner an eye-catcher. Make sure you don't get wet or cry, because then your look will get a horror drama look.


The beauty industry is far from finished with metallic colors and this trend will continue in 2018. This trend is ideal for the fashionista who likes to indulge in make-up. Opt for a touch of holographic lip gloss over your regular lipstick. Or go all out and opt for a statement lipstick in a metallic color.

Thick eyelashes

Gone are the days when you only had to pay attention to your upper lashes. The make up trends spring and summer 2018 ensure that your eyelashes are in the spotlight. Full lashes are it. So use that mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. It may take some getting used to, but you will see that it can be incredibly beautiful. Not blessed with full lashes? Don't worry, luckily there are always fake eyelashes that can lend you a hand.

Ultra violet makeup

Well, it was inevitable:ultra violet has been declared the color of the year by Pantone and you can see that in the make-up trends. Get ready for a lot of ultra violet makeup. Think of eye shadow applied in the inner corners of the eye, but also lipstick in this popping color.

Less is more

Not in the mood for all these trends? Don't worry, then you choose natural with a lot of skin color. To underline this look, make optimal use of a highlighter that comes as close as possible to your own skin tone. Your skin may also shine slightly. So it's time to invest in some good masks this year.

Lip gloss is back

This make up trend fits perfectly with the all natural look:shiny sensual lips. Lip gloss is making its comeback in the make up world, not least because lip gloss provides a youthful appearance. Lipgloss is of course with just that little bit extra, shall we say.

Color, color and more color

Okay, you don't have to go all out like you did in the '80s, but lipstick and eyeshadow in pops of color are trendy. Opt for daring combinations and get out of your comfort zone. Go for striking blue eyeshadow or go wild with the aforementioned ultra violet.

Which of the spring summer 2018 makeup trends appeals to you the most and why?

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