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The latest fashion and accessories for the spring 2017 season

With the weather gradually warming and spring approaching, it's the perfect time to start getting inspiration for the latest fashion and accessories for the new season. Because a few new pieces of clothing and accessories every season makes every woman happy, even if our entire wardrobe is not replaced! Here we show you 5 new trends for spring 2017.

The navy trend has often been seen in recent years, and it is back again this season. Many spring collections come with all kinds of maritime details, such as stripes and a color palette with navy blue and white. This can also be seen, for example, in the McGregror collection, which applies the colors to both the clothing and the shoes.

We can relax all day long in looks inspired by nightwear, including luxurious, soft fabrics, loose-fitting pants and low-cut or high necklines. The wonderfully comfortable clothing comes in neutral tones such as khaki and nude.

Pink can be seen in all possible shades this season; soft, bright, neon, you name it. You can't get around it, and why would you want to? The color warms every skin type, and is known to evoke feelings of love and romance.

Sporty stripes of the 90s are back. Get ready for a ton of different stripes in every shape and silhouette. Stripes can be seen almost every season, but this year they are bright and bold, but also in black and white.

Statement accessories
You can of course complete your outfit with accessories. This year, bold, seductive statement accessories are a must. Think large earrings, colorful bags with fruity and unusual designs, brooches, hair accessories and large boho rings. These are then combined with a timeless watch.