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Leather handbag:back-to-school trends

The black leather handbag is a timeless accessory, whether big, small, fancy or classic, we all have at least one. You should know that our whole life is stored (or not for that matter) inside, which is why it is important to choose it well. With or without effects, printed or colored, for the start of the 2019 school year, the trend is leather handbag which comes in many forms:prints, textures, colors... Here are the most beautiful leather handbag trends for 2019 and 2020.

Timeless leather comes in endless ways

Like every new school year, or for a special occasion, we need a new handbag!The advantage of the leather bag is that it comes in several ways and there is something for everyone. . Whether you are classic, eccentric or simply a fan of handbags of all kinds, you are bound to find what you are looking for.

Croc effect

No one will escape it, the vintage croco-effect leather bag is back ! Long considered a luxury accessory, the crocodile skin bag is over. Today, imitation crocodile is gaining ground and will give style to all outfits, even the most classic ones.


The quilted handbag is a timeless classic. This is the leather handbag for women inspired by the great fashion houses:Chanel, Valentino etc….


The velvet-effect calfskin bag is a must-have this season! What we love about suede (and nubuck) is that it goes perfectly with all the basic pieces in your wardrobe, which will boost your look. This bag can be worn as a shoulder strap, a clutch, a backpack … it renews the classic leather teacher's satchel or the handcrafted women's leather satchel with elegance!

Glittery Leather

In order to put some shine in your life, why not opt ​​for the sequined bag? This year's fall/winter trend is to shine:sequins are no longer reserved for the end-of-year celebrations, they are now anchored in our daily lives. So dare to go out with your little sequined leather shoulder bag !

The trend of the printed leather bag

This winter the trend will be wild! Leopard, zebra, python, crocodile, the jungle will invade your dressing room. Ideal for chic and elegant looks, you can go out with a printed leather handbag day or night.

Trendy colors for the 2019-20 season

On the color side, the shades of autumn are making a comeback after a few months in the closet. Deep green, mint blue or ultraviolet will expand our wardrobe. This fall, there will be something for all tastes and styles. And above all, the handbag will not escape these new shades of green, so trendy.

Deep greens and emeralds

Each winter, different shades of green are found in your favorite boutique, as a reminder of spring. This year again, greens have hit hard and are at the top of the top 5 favorite colors for this season!


Just like green, burgundy is an eternal autumn revival and adapts particularly well to the fresh seasons that are coming. This color remains classic all the same and adapts to all looks, even the most eccentric.

Pastel colors

Contrary to what one might think, pastel colors are not reserved for the summer season. Sky blue or mint blue are taking over fashion accessories, and more particularly handbags.

Pop colors

If you want to get noticed, go ahead and go buy your brand new cheap leather bag in pop colors . This season, we rush on hot pink, yellow, blue and green. These colors often found in the trendiest looks on the catwalks boost winter outfits.


For the start of the school year, ultraviolet will be the ideal color to add a girly and colorful touch to your outfit. Be careful not to abuse it too much, if your handbag is this color, no need to add a red or neon yellow scarf.

Trendy leather bag shapes for the Fall Winter 2019-20 season

For this season, we are following fashion trends in women's leather bags . Whether mini, round, back or trapeze, you will necessarily find the shape to adopt for the start of the school year.

The bucket bag

Every year, the bucket bag is the unbeatable model which is a hit in summer and winter. This fall in particular, you'll find leather bucket bags in every wardrobe of the biggest stars. The various and varied colors will help you adapt this style to all your looks, do not hesitate to buy discounted leather bags.

The mini bag

This fall is the perfect time to treat yourself to a mini handbag . By choosing a bag of this size, you only take the essentials with you while remaining super chic! Ideal in the evening to accompany a dress.

Leather belt bag

The comeback of the fanny pack ! Today, the banana bag is no longer reserved for German tourists and is worn as a leather shoulder bag. Visible in the biggest fashion shows, it is considered a practical accessory, but above all stylish and chic. It will quickly fit into your wardrobe!

The leather backpack

We all carried a backpack when we were children, but today it is a fashion accessory in its own right. In addition to being versatile and practical, the leather backpack is on trend with its small details and the different colors available. Another essential point is that the weight of your bag is correctly distributed over both of your shoulders.

The timeless messenger bag

One of the greatest classics in leather goods, the messenger bag is still present in the fashion world and replaces the traditional leather briefcase. Whether worn on the shoulder or across the body, its casual design is timeless and will adapt to all your looks.

The trapeze bag

We stick to the classics with the leather trapeze bag . It's probably the black leather handbag that every woman already has in her wardrobe, but fortunately, each year the designers redouble their efforts to offer trendy and classic bags.

Leather bags are adorned with fancy handles!

From now on, you know it, it will necessarily be necessary to adopt a leather bag for this season, but what about the handles? You know the classic handles, that is to say, matching the bag. But how about opting for fantasy and bling bling for this back to school?

This time, the designers have highlighted their most beautiful pieces with three different handles. First of all the gold or silver chains, for the bling bling side or to go out. Then round handles for the practical side to carry on the shoulder, and to finish, the maxi handles . No one can miss you with these, they are often fitted with pearls or studs to increase the maximum effect.

So tempted? Hurry to your favorite store!