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What exactly is a birthmark?

What exactly is a birthmark?

Do you have one in your face or are you more on your legs? Many people have moles, but what exactly is a mole?

We hope you know yourself that you should visit your doctor in the event of a significant change(s) of the mole. This time, therefore, no lesson 'how to recognize a suspicious mole', but here's an overview of what it actually is:the mole.

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Your birthmark is actually little more than a pile of pigment. In one particular place the number of pigment-shaped cells increases faster than elsewhere and you will see that in the form of a birthmark.

From your mother?

It depends on how you look at it. Babies who are just born often have no visible moles yet. They only arise in the following years. If you have a mole in about the same place as your mother, it is probably a coincidence. But if your mother (or father!) has a lot of moles, the chance is definitely greater that you have or will get them. By the way, the Latin name for birthmark is nevus maternus, which translates as spot on the mother's side, so that's where the name comes from. Why not a birthmark? Because it doesn't bring you into the world and people used to think that your mother gave you the spots when you were born.


We have 25 moles scattered all over our body. Dark-skinned people generally less than light-skinned people.