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These are the new hair trends of 2021

These are the new hair trends of 2021

We've been fooled for a year with roots, crooked bangs and dead ends, but now we can finally go to the hairdresser again. What are the current trends?

Candy cane pink, or bubble gum pink as hairdressers call it. Thirteen-year-old fans of Billie Eilish are eager to dye their hair green or pink, but let's be honest, it doesn't look bad.

You have to love the mat, the 'mullet' or a carpet on your neck. If you skipped the eighties, you'll be fine with some longer hair on the back of your neck. If you've experienced the previous wave of mats, it's hard to swallow, but you get used to it quickly.

The bob, according to hairdressers, is the hit for summer 2021.

We know low buns from the corona crisis when all hair salons were closed and you sometimes had to make a low bun in your hair while working at home. But with well-groomed hair and some attention, this low bun is an 'eye catcher' as the hairdressers say.

Short, especially on the sides. For short hair it is a requirement that the hairdressers remain open, because a short haircut needs more maintenance.

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