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These are the jewelry trends of 2021

Are you curious with which jewelry you will definitely look fashionable this year? Then read this article with the latest trends. From necklaces and rings to the earring to complete your earparty. Which jewelry trend of 2021 appeals to you the most?

Link chains
Last year link chains were already on the rise, but in 2021 they should certainly no longer be missing in your jewelry box. The necklaces are cool, chunky and a great addition to any outfit. It looks great on a T-shirt as well as with a feminine dress. In addition to the link chains, you will also see link bracelets and rings to complete the set.

Pearl necklaces
The pearl necklace is back. Where it previously only had a very classic look, there are now also pearl jewelry with a modern or a very playful twist. Think of a minimalist necklace with one drop-shaped pearl as a pendant or a short choker necklace with coins and pearls. It is a beautiful combination with both gold and silver chains.

Personal jewelry
Jewelry with a personal twist is also a clear trend this year. Think of charms with initials, years or a pendant of your zodiac sign. It is not only nice to wear yourself, but also very nice to give someone as a gift.

Minimalist rings
Minimalist rings are always in fashion. With this jewelry you can go in all directions. Wear one minimalist ring for a subtle touch or make a statement by combining several. Also, don't be afraid to mix silver and gold! To immediately follow the previous trend, you can have a simple ring engraved for a personal touch. How about a friendship ring for you and a friend? Or a valuable gift for your mother?

These are the jewelry trends of 2021

Chunky rings
Would you like to step out of your comfort zone with funky jewelry? So take a look at the chunky rings trend. These rings are large, thick, colorful and above all very striking. They are made of all kinds of materials. From acrylic and plastic to clay. Combine different designs to get the real 90s feeling. Of course you can also combine it with minimalist rings or without other jewelry.

Ear cuffs Multiple pierced ears will still be a big trend in 2021. But because enough people are not waiting for a real helix piercing, a nice solution has been devised:the ear cuff. This is a fake piercing that you slide or clamp over your ear. Handy and stylish at the same time!