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essie Valentine's day collection 2019

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to buy yourself some delicious goodies. Good news because essie comes especially for this day with the Valentine's day collection 2019 (limited edition). And this one looks really nice! The collection consists of
Galantine – with a white and carnation pink matte glitter topcoat.
crush &blush – a tender translucent baby pink blush of soft ruby ​​iridescence.
you're so cupid – a red matte glitter top coat with hints of pink and fuchsia.
#essielove – a scarlet pearl white coat.
sparkles between us – a fuchsia pink matte glitter top coat.
roses are red – a poetic red Bordeaux that sparkles with red glitter.

essie Valentine s day collection 2019

Available from February 2019 l Price €9.99