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Givenchy Spring Collection 2019

To leave winter behind, there's nothing like a good dose of “color therapy” – an elixir of youth inspired by all the colors of the rainbow. The collection “The Power of Color”, created by Nicolas Degennes, offers an optimistic and proud vision of a spring 2019 full of energy.

Le Prisme Blush
Givenchy Spring Collection 2019
The Spring 2019 collection features a limited edition of Givenchy's iconic Prisme Blush in two pinkish-tone and pearly tones adorned with the legendary 4G emblem. The harmony between the beige and pink tones paired with a soft pearly shade ensures a long-lasting result that accentuates the face. Price:€50.73

Le Vernis Nail Polish
Givenchy Spring Collection 2019
This limited edition Givenchy Varnish nail polish from the Spring 2019 collection leaves a stunning result , by decorating the nails with an intense, deep blue elegance in a single stroke.

Dual Liner Eyeliner
Givenchy Spring Collection 2019
Dual Liner Eyeliner is a bold and unique two-tone duo, consisting of an eyeshadow and an eyeliner. This bold, two-tone duo not only serves as an eyeliner, but also as an eyeshadow. The soft, creamy and comfortable texture refines the eyes and ensures a long-lasting result.
The texture is suitable for all skin tones and leaves a beautiful and graphic effect on the eyelid.
Price:€35 ,03