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This way you are less insecure about your body

Everyone has those moments when they look at their bodies and are dissatisfied with certain things they see. But it's so important to build a loving relationship with your body, so we've got a few tips to help you get a more confident mindset.

Treat your body like a friend
You love your friends and family, so never insult them for making small mistakes. You want to have that same attitude with your body. Ask yourself, “Would I say this to a friend?” every time you become self-critical of your body. If you treat your body with the same respect, you can develop more compassion for it.

Make time for your body
Many of us get so caught up in the affairs of our lives that we don't spend much time with our bodies. Try to schedule some time to connect with your body. Instead of taking a five-minute shower, massage and wash every inch of yourself during a bath. Make it a habit and you will begin to see your relationship with the body as something sacred.

Buy clothes that make you look great
Instead of wearing the same worn-out bra every day that you've had for years, try out a new piece of lingerie. This goes for any piece of clothing or accessory, but the key is to dress in a way that fits your body. Don't think of your clothes as a way to hide your imperfections – but as a way to celebrate your body and play with its best features.

Don't talk negatively
You know those mean comments you always make about your body? Write them down on paper – and throw them away. Research has shown that recording negative thoughts and throwing them away can really help you eliminate them.

Say 'thank you' to your body
Nobody has a perfect body, but we guarantee that your body is doing amazing things every day. Practice your favorite activity — be it running, yoga, or swimming — to remind yourself of the incredible things your body can do. When you look at your body from this perspective, you see its true value.