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Shopping for babies and children? It doesn't have to be that expensive

You can make it as expensive as you want of course, but there is really affordable children's clothing and baby clothing available if you are looking for that. In fact, when our children were little I loved nothing more than to see where I could get affordable clothes, because they grow out so quickly. Of course - ever since I had a children's clothing webshop myself - I have also put the kids in branded clothing, but personally I don't really think it is necessary. They destroy it quickly, stains appear that you cannot possibly get out if you are not a washing miracle and it will no longer fit in no time.

Shopping affordable children's clothes? I agree with you

Our oldest has never had an urge for designer clothes. He thought the affordable children's clothing was absolutely fine and as a baby he didn't like it much at all 😉 . So when he was little I loved to shop for cute baby clothes that weren't that expensive. From rompers in sweet natural colors when he was very small to the more cool items from the moment he took his first steps.

It sometimes shocks me when I see how much money others spend on children's and baby clothes. The most expensive brands are flying around your ears. For example, I have a very cute grandniece who is always in tip-top care. And even if she can't walk very long, you usually see this little rascal in an outfit that's even more expensive than mine. Don't get me wrong, everyone should of course know for themselves what they spend their money on. But all I can think about is the amount of stains those little ones get on their clothes. In the latter case, affordable children's clothing is a lot more pleasant.

Children's clothes and baby-clothes spotted

So you regularly saw me shopping in the village at, for example, the Zeeman. And still by the way, because Lotte also wants to go here regularly for some items from the children's clothing collection. She prefers to get her underwear there ("Mom, they always have such nice bras here"). But also, for example, tights, panties or t-shirts that she wants to print or paint herself. She also got one of her shirts to tie dye there.

And at the moment they have a very cool European Championship collection. Super cute and affordable children's clothing. In this case it's great that it's affordable because she probably doesn't wear those orange clothes much anymore. At most with King's Day, for example. And then I like that it didn't cost too much money.

Include it in your upbringing, those affordable children's clothing

What we have always done from an early age is a mix and match of clothing. Would you like your children to look nice, but you also don't want to attack your wallet? Then it is smart to make a combination of a few special items of clothing and affordable children's clothing. With this you can mix and match perfectly, your child looks nice and it also remains financially manageable.

We have always discussed the expenses related to children's clothing with our children. Not every cent of course, but I'm happy to tell the children that I think certain clothes are too expensive. They really don't get everything they want. In addition, I am of the opinion that all that branded clothing does not really have much added value. Of course I want my children to be neat and tidy. But not at all costs. Secretly I always get a little bit sick of children who are put from head to toe in the expensive brands. Especially when they are very young. I don't think you're doing your kid any favors. And when they get a little older, designer clothes at school can really become a thing. I think it's such a shame, children are already so vulnerable during that period.

As parents, I believe it is our duty to teach children that appearance is not everything. I am therefore very happy that son and daughter simply opt for affordable children's clothing with a splash every now and then because they think that piece of clothing is really cool.

How do you deal with your child's clothing and what choices do you make?