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Summer 2021 fashion trend:12 ways to wear exposed lingerie according to Pinterest

Lingerie:a place of choice in our dressing room

For some time, apparent lingerie has made a place for itself in our dressing rooms by day. And it is true that it is a pity to have to hide your beautiful lingerie that took so long to choose. Whether it is completely revealed or you can see apiece of lace , lingerie invites itself, is available and magnifies our silhouette and our look. Long suffocated by our T-shirts, jackets or sweaters, it is now free from customary dress codes .

Exposed lingerie:the bra is the new top

Bralettes or bodysuits , they replace our tank tops with chic and sensuality. On the look side, we dress it up in wider pieces , who will be able to sufficiently hide what you wish not to reveal. You can dress it up with an XXL blazer, an oversize shirt or even a transparent blouse . Depending on the lingerie used, it will be easy for you to create the style you want . A simple black bralette can complete a chic and sporty look , for example. In short, you will have understood, there are a large number of ways to wear lingerie during the day. Follow the guide!