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Lip care:9 products to protect them during winter

In winter , we are clearly not to our advantage. pale complexion , dry skin , dry hands, non-existent style and chapped lips . Uncool. However, we try to give ourselves good looks and stay stylish as the wind slaps us as soon as we go out. But you'll have to get used to the idea:only it-girls who ride in a taxi can afford to be stylish below 0 degrees. For the style , so we'll come back. And honestly, better to be hidden under three layers of sweaters than to shiver all day, right? On the other hand, the lips chapped skin is a real problem. In addition to frankly not being glamorous , they can be painful.

Products for very soft lips!

Some lucky people don't know about chapped lips . Know this:we are very jealous. And for those who suffer from it every winter, you will have to adorn yourself with the best products and the best routine to reduce the effect of drought on your lips . Before thinking about cosmetics , it is very important to hydrate yourself to minimize the effects of the cold on our mouth . Water is your best friend! And contrary to what you may think:take care of his lips does not require much time . It can even become a real pleasure. Here is our selection of cocooning products. To your best pout!