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Make your beauty products! #2

Wheat germ oil

Razor Cut? Immediately apply a drop of this precious oil to stop the bleeding. Then disinfect.

Oat flakes

With breakfast friends, we make a great anti-pimple mask. Mix an egg white with 1 teaspoon of liquid honey and two tablespoons of flakes. Leave this paste on your face for fifteen minutes, rinse with lukewarm water then pat dry.


The Chinese were already using it 300 years BC to reduce the effects of aging, soften the skin and tame fatigue and insomnia. KusmiTea recommends taking green tea (it does not stain the skin or the bathtub) and has concocted a very good "thebain":put five tablespoons of Algothé KusmiTea (mixture of sea lettuce with mint tea) in a paper filter or a large tea infuser, and share your dip.

Dairy products

We forget the camembert (although) and we focus on yogurt and fresh cream which, applied as is, soothe and hydrate the skin (especially heated by the sun). They are also used as a base for face scrubs:mix them with crushed rice, sugar or almond powder. And (of course) shamelessly plagiarize Cleopatra by pouring whole milk (liquid or powder) into your bath. No doubt yours, from Caesar, will be conquered by your soft skin.


Dry hair loves them! Beat two egg yolks with lime and a splash of cider vinegar, then apply to the lengths and leave on for fifteen minutes before shampooing.

Ice cubes

The cold whips and deflates. But do not apply them directly to the skin, it sticks and it hurts. Wrap them in a transparent film before walking them under your puffy eyes, on your face (tightens the pores) or on your legs if they weigh heavily at the end of the day.