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Why do we lose our hair in autumn and how to fix it?

In autumn , like the leaves coming off the trees , our hair fall. A phenomenon that can last for many weeks and can act in handfuls . On the contrary, some women hardly notice this phenomenon , yet very real. If losing your hair cause concern, it is completely normal and natural. Indeed, when autumn sets in, we can lose up to 100 hairs per day. At this time of the year, we would therefore lose two to four times more hair than the rest of the year (between 25 and 60). This seasonal hair loss is actually caused by the rays of the sun . During warm months , hair growth increases, making them fall out in the fall.

How to stop hair loss?

And if the sun is one of the main causes, there are other reasons for hair loss , such as food. Indeed, if you do not eat enough foods rich in iron , in vitamin B and unsaturated fatty acids , it's a safe bet that you are more the victim of a loss hair. At the same time, if you eat too many processed foods , the fall will be all the more fast . And it is well known, when the cold settles into our daily lives, we tend to turn to food comforting like sweets and fatty foods . To prevent seasonal hazards from damage your beautiful hair , there are also small daily gestures to perform. Get massage the scalp, brush hair gently, limit the use of heat or dry your hair with a towel.

If the hair loss persists , try to curb the consumption of alcohol and tobacco but also try to manage your stress as much as possible (a major cause of hair loss).