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With or without heels… Which boots for which occasions?

Boots without heels for walking

If you plan to walk all day, relish a shopping day or enjoy a relaxed weekend, choose boots without heels. Designed for comfort, these boots are never totally flat and offer much better support for the foot than ballet flats, which have too thin a sole. Without forcing the arch of the foot like heeled boots do! Riding boots are generally the flattest. Fine and elegant, they can be worn with a skirt or trousers, adapting to city and even office outfits. Camargue boots, wider and rounder, ensure a more raw look, for all morphologies. As for the biker boots, they promise a rock style, with pants as with a skirt!

Boots with low heels for the office

Are you looking for heeled boots to wear to the office that are elegant, yet comfortable? If the riders seem too flat, bet on boots with a small heel, about 5 cm to 7 cm. These heels do not strain the joints or the spine, and guarantee a feminine look without turning into torture! Prefer, in this case, quality leathers and fine boots, shaping the calf. As for the height of the upper, it's up to you to choose between simple ankle boots, capable of slipping under pants, or knee boots that modernize all skirts. Avoid, however, the mid-calf height. As for choosing an in-between, consider wedge boots!

High-heeled boots for the evening

For those who continue on an evening after the day of work or who dress for a dinner, make way for high heel boots! These wardrobe essentials range from classic pumps, 7 to 8 cm high on average, to vertiginous boots of about ten centimeters. Be careful, in this case, to follow the instructions:to walk comfortably, unless you are used to it, it is better to bet on a square heel or on wedges. If you are looking to compose a feminine silhouette, again prefer thin and curved boots. Save soft or wide boots, like biker boots, for relaxed evenings with friends.

Stiletto boots for a dinner for two

Tonight, you're betting on glamour... Seduction goes through stilettos! Boots with stiletto heels are most often with pointed toes and a second skin effect:they slide over the calf to the knee, to outline the leg with as much elegance as pumps. For an even more glamorous look, wear your boots with a slit pencil skirt or cigarette pants. Add a soft V-neck sweater for a first date, a slightly open blouse on black lace, for a naughty effect! The extra detail? Barely glimpsed fishnet or lace tights, unless you choose a long pendant slipped into the hollow of the neckline.