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Beauty recipe:An anti-aging care water with rose

In shopping cart*:

42 gr of organic May Rose hydrosol

51.5 g of mineral water

10.5 g of organic cucumber extract

0.6 g of Cosgard preservative

0.02 gr (1 drop) of ORGANIC Beet vegetable food coloring (optional)

0.3 g of Hyaluronic Acid cosmetic active ingredient

In the kitchen:

We work on a work surface and with ultra-clean utensils so that our lotion can be kept as long as possible.

In a container, add each ingredient one by one, whisking each time. Then let it rest for 15 minutes. This allows hyaluronic acid to swell and solubilize. Then, whip the preparation again and pour it into a small spray bottle.

In the bathroom:

Apply rose water as a spray after showering or washing, then dab gently with a towel. The skin will thus be plumped, toned, smoothed and ready to receive your usual care.

If we put a drop of dye in our preparation, we store it in the refrigerator for a month so that it retains its pretty pink color. In any case, keep it away from heat and light.


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