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Beauty recipe:moisturizing mask with Aloe vera

Rich in vitamins A, E, and B and in minerals (phosphorus, potassium, calcium, chlorine, iron, zinc), Aloe vera is one of the favorite active ingredients in cosmetics. Regular! It is healing, regenerating, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. The West Indians pick it directly from the garden and use its fresh pulp in all sauces:sunburn, chapped lips, fever blisters, hair or face mask, small wounds, irritations, mycosis... It is particularly indicated when you have skin dehydrated and tired.

Ingredients and tools

• Pure and organic Aloe vera gel (available for example at Aroma Zone)

• Avocado or sweet almond oil


Put the Aloe vera gel on clean skin, like a mask (in a layer not too thick). Wait until it has completely absorbed then massage the face with a drop of avocado or almond oil. And zou, at bedtime. There is no better way to regenerate the skin.

Recipe concocted by Julie Lainé, creator of the organic cosmetics brand Hadali.