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How to have perfect teeth?

What are the different dental appliances?

The installation of rings

It is the most common appliance in orthodontics. The practitioner places bands on all or part of the teeth and connects them with a metal wire to move and align the teeth. There are three kinds.

  • The metal rings :these are the most affordable in terms of prices. They are also those who benefit from better reimbursement for children under 16, since they can be covered at 100% within the limit of the social security reimbursement base. When you are an adult, these devices can be awkward to wear for aesthetic reasons.
  • The ceramic rings :they are much less conspicuous because the rings have the color of the tooth. However, they are much more expensive.
  • The crystal rings :practically invisible, they are the most aesthetic if you have the budget to afford this type of equipment.

The gutter

The practitioner begins by performing a molding of the teeth then manufactures the device to measure. When it comes to a dental alignment problem , software takes different steps to make different aligners that will change over time. The use of a dental gutter is done for weak corrections. They can also be used to correct a bruxism problem , to whiten the teeth or to carry out a fluoridation treatment. They are transparent, so not very visible and they are easy to apply and remove.

The lingual apparatus

The practitioner places bands on the inner surface of the teeth of the patient. This requires custom fabrication from a precious metal, which justifies the much higher price tag. These devices are completely invisible.

What is the price of dental appliances?

The installation of braces costs between 5,000 to 10,000 euros depending on the models and the practitioners since the pricing is free. The most expensive is the lingual device which costs between 1500 and 2000 euros per semester, for a treatment that can sometimes last two years or more. The gutters cost between 2000 to 4000 euros, but this solution is only possible for small corrections.

Are dental appliances reimbursed by social security?

For children under 16, orthodontic appliances are covered by social security at 100% of the BRSS for procedures over 120 euros and 70% for procedures under 120 euros. For the latter, you will have to choose a mutual insurance company that offers the supplement. For adults, however, no reimbursement is provided by health insurance (unless waived). On the other hand, some mutual insurance contracts offer reimbursement for the device package. It is therefore worth taking out complementary health insurance suitable.