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This week on the beautysphere #8

How to curl short hair?

Wavy hairstyles and big curls aren't just for long hair! This is what the hairdresser in this video on proves to us:with a straightener, you can make small curls on a short square (for example). After applying hairspray, he works strand by strand. His tip? Do not curl all the locks in the same direction for a more natural effect. Then we go upside down, relax the finger waves and voila!

> Watch the Byrdie video tutorial.

How to make your forehead look smaller?

Do you think your forehead is too big? The Beauty Department has the trick to shrink what some consider a flaw. Inspired by contouring (=make-up technique that redefines and resculpts the contours of the face), create a shadow at the top of the forehead, almost at the hairline, with a powder slightly darker than its skin tone (the ideal is a shade above its natural shade). Then blend with a sponge to make the trick look really natural.

> Watch the photo tutorial on The Beauty Department.

Finding your bridal bun

Still have no idea how you'd like to have your hair done on D-Day? Take a look at the blog of Steph, an American hairdresser. She has just posted lots of photos of the hairstyles she has done on her clients. Our favorite:her braided buns.

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