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Pixel Hair, the buzzing hair trend

Coming straight from Spain, the Pixel Hair is the new trend that is buzzing on social networks (with the hashtag #xpresionpixel). Umpteenth variation of the ombré? Not at all !! The coloring technique is completely different:it is certainly a question of coloring the hair only partially, but here, the goal is to create like pixels of colors (if possible flashy) in the hair. It is the Madrid hair salon X-Presion, known for its innovations, which has developed this technique (by mistake apparently…). The Revlon Professional brand has taken it over in its next campaign.

Pixel Hair can be done on all hair colors (even if some shades require bleaching beforehand) and all lengths, since it can be done just on bangs for example. Tempted by Pixel Hair? The trend should arrive quickly in hair salons. In the meantime, it is better not to try this alone at home, or just with hair chalk!