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The benefits of black cumin oil for my hair

Nigella oil, an ancestral ritual

If black cumin oil has been back in fashion for a few months on the shelves of organic cosmetics, it has been used since the dawn of time for its many virtues. From ancient Egypt to India via the Middle East, this hair oil accompanies women in their beauty ritual. This plant comes from very sunny countries in Asia and around the Mediterranean. The oil is extracted from the seed of a blue flowering plant also called black cumin. Rich in omega 6 and omega 9, it is composed of trace elements and vitamins. Anti-inflammatory, healing, nourishing and regenerating, it is excellent for taking care of skin and hair.

Nigella oil fights against hair loss

Applied to the hair, black cumin oil helps to tone and revitalize the hair fiber. It fights against brittle hair and softens it. It is also recommended in case of strong hair loss, like castor oil. Acting as a stimulant, it promotes hair regrowth and stops hair loss. You can take oil baths regularly by doing a brewer's yeast cure to regain your hair mass. Do not hesitate to leave the product on for a long time so that it is really effective and penetrates the scalp. Thus, you can also delay hair aging. To promote regrowth you can mix in a bowl a spoonful of black cumin oil, a spoonful of coconut oil and a spoonful of avocado oil. Then apply the mixture and leave on overnight. Do this bath once a week until you get the right length.

Nigella oil fights oily hair

Purifying and astringent, black cumin oil is perfect for those who have hair that gets greasy too quickly. You can prepare a purifying serum by adding grapeseed oil, nourishing jojoba oil, ravintsara essential oil, rosemary extract and lemon. This preparation can be used on the roots to help regulate sebum. You can also simply apply hair oil an hour before your shampoo to add shine to your hair. You will feel your hair lighter and toned. If you suffer from psoriasis or eczema, mix black seed oil with aloe vera gel. This mixture will relieve your scalp and soothe itching. Recommended for sensitive, dry or irritated skin, this ancestral oil is also very good in the kitchen. It flavors dishes while fighting against digestive problems, insomnia and headaches.