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How to be beautiful? Our 6 tips

How to be beautiful? This is a great question, which we have all more or less already asked ourselves at some point in our lives. If we say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it must above all be in your eyes when you look in the mirror. Feeling beautiful still helps a lot to face each day with a smile! So to look beautiful, there's nothing like taking a few moments to take care of yourself:skin, hair, nails, lifestyle and self-confidence... Here are our tips for looking good and feeling good in your sneakers.

1. How to be beautiful naturally? Keeping your skin clean!

Do you dream of waking up in the morning with luminous and fresh skin? Do you dream of proudly arriving at the office without makeup? To not need more than 5 minutes from the bathroom? You are not the only one ! To be beautiful naturally , there are no secrets:you have to take care of the base.

You have to pamper your skin with love. This means washing it morning and evening , so that it is always clear. After each cleansing, the skin is moisturized to give it everything it needs to be healthy, with a nice even complexion. Once a week, give it a boost by applying a scrub, followed by a mask. In addition, the practice of facial yoga or facial gymnastics can help you maintain dynamic features, evocative of youth.

2. Be beautiful with care adapted to your skin

To pamper your skin properly, it is crucial that the care used is adapted to your skin type. At Veld's, we design treatments that are suitable for all skin types , even sensitive or reactive. This is particularly the case with our Pure Pulp Neo treatment, which soothes, plumps the skin, and offers instant radiance , whatever your skin type!

To have beautiful skin, all of your products must be adapted to your skin type:make-up remover, cleanser, day cream, eye contour, mask. Dry-prone skin prefer creamier, oilier formulas to nourish the skin. For oily-prone skin , we favor lighter textures, rich in water, rather than in lipids.

Finally, beyond the texture of the treatment, you must also choose active ingredients that correspond to your beauty issues . To be beautiful, bet on purifying and purifying active ingredients if you have oily skin, nourishing and soothing active ingredients if you have dry skin, or even anti-aging active ingredients to revitalize mature skin.

3. How to be beautiful? Take care of your hair!

If to be naturally beautiful goes largely through the care we give to our skin, the hair is not left out. Especially for women:our hair is a real beauty asset, it expresses our style, our personality, our uniqueness. If you have not yet found the style that suits you perfectly, do not hesitate to go to a hairdresser to find the fit that really flatters you.

On a daily basis, take great care of your hair:limit coloring, bleaching, permanents... Anything that can damage the hair fiber and weaken it. We also avoid exposing them daily to heating devices (straighteners, curlers, hair dryers). If you have no choice but to redo your brushing every day, use a heat-protective treatment before, to avoid too much damage to your hair.

On the care side, the same advice as for the skin:use care adapted to your hair type . Dry or curly hair needs rich and nourishing care, oily hair needs purifying and purifying care, fine hair needs light care… So we choose our products with care! Finally, remember to have your ends cut regularly:even if you aspire to long hair, there is nothing elegant about split ends, so it is better to cut regularly and play the card of patience.

4. Be naturally beautiful by pampering your hands

We talked about the skin, the hair, but these are not the only levers on which to act to be beautiful. Beauty is not expressed only through the face. The hands are also very important. Have beautiful hands shows that you have good hygiene, that you take care of yourself.

Remember to moisturize them regularly with a cream especially for the hands. Redouble your efforts in winter, when hands tend to suffer from the cold . If the skin on your hands is so dry that small patches of flaking form, you can exfoliate to remove all the dead skin. Hydrate well afterwards.

Second important point:the nails! Cut them regularly and do not hesitate to go to the manicure to get a clean look. She can offer you a manicure that suits you:a French to stick to the great classics, a nude to bet on elegance, color or glitter for the daring ones.

If you wear nail polish, pay attention to maintenance:nail polish that peels off or nail growth that is too apparent is never very aesthetic.

5. How to be beautiful thanks to your lifestyle?

What if the secret to being beautiful didn't lie ONLY in your skincare routine? Whether it's your hair, your nails, your skin, if you have an unhealthy lifestyle , it will be seen. Stress and lack of sleep weaken the nails and the hair fiber, and make the skin dull.

If you are wondering how to be beautiful , start by improving your lifestyle. Get enough sleep (6 to 8 a.m. nights depending on the person), and stick to a regular bedtime and wake-up time. To channel your stress, there is no shortage of tips:practicing sports, getting into mindfulness meditation, trying yoga or a creative activity... We all have our little methods for channeling ourselves.

Finally, food is also a key for being pretty. If you eat too fat or too sweet, this has an immediate effect:imperfections appear, the hair greases faster or becomes dull. Remember to eat healthy, balanced and varied, without forgetting to drink enough. It is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of water a day, to stay well hydrated, but also to hydrate our skin and hair. If necessary, do not hesitate to ask a nutritionist to design a diet that suits you perfectly.

6. Beauty, a matter of self-confidence

To be beautiful, one thinks above all of taking care of one's external appearance. And yet, beauty also comes from within:you have to feel good in your sneakers . Layers of make-up and hours spent blow-drying hardly compete with a lack of self-confidence.

A woman who smiles, who assumes herself, who walks proudly in the street will always give a more attractive image than a woman who hugs the walls and who seems defensive. Of course, we take the extremes as an example. But a simple smile, and being at peace with yourself , have a huge impact on how we are perceived.