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Blackheads on the nose:how to eliminate them for good?

Blackheads on the nose are the nightmare of many women (and men). Despite a well-crafted beauty routine, they are still there, and don't seem to have decided to leave. Why do we have these black dots? What causes them to appear? But above all, how to remove blackheads on the nose? Veld's gives you all its secrets to eliminate them once and for all.

Why do we have blackheads on the nose?

Blackheads on the nose mainly concern normal, combination and oily skin. In general, blackheads appear more on the T-zone:the forehead, the nose, the chin . Why ? Because this area of ​​the face is richer in sebaceous glands, the glands that produce sebum. We often tend to consider sebum as an enemy:it causes blackheads, even pimples on the nose , makes the skin shiny.

And yet, it is necessary for the good health of the skin! Indeed, it contributes to the balance of the hydrolipidic film. This film, made up of water and sebum, helps protect the skin against external aggressions. However, in women with combination or oily skin, the sebaceous glands are overactive on the T-zone, and especially on the nose.

The production of sebum is then excessive, and ends up clogging the pores. These small orifices, which serve to evacuate water, toxins, and sebum from the skin, can no longer fulfill their role. This creates inflammation, which results in the appearance of blackheads, or pimples on the nose.

How to remove blackheads on the nose?

Exfoliation, your best ally against blackheads on the nose

To prevent blackheads and pimples on the nose, facial exfoliation is ideal. Choose a mechanical scrub (grainy), suitable for combination to oily skin. After cleansing your skin with a mild cleanser, apply the scrub and massage into the skin, without pressing too hard. Insist on the T zone, and especially, on the nose. The grains will help unclog the pores, to prevent the formation of new blackheads. Bonus:this treatment also tightens pores, for a smoother and more harmonious skin texture .

Some of us have combination to oily skin, but it is still very reactive and sensitive. If this is your case, choose a chemical scrub instead. with fruit enzymes. Softer, it unclogs pores without irritating the skin through friction. This advice is also valid for those who suffer from acne. The grains of mechanical scrubs, if they are too large, can create acne scars.

Remove blackheads on the nose with a blackhead shot

Against pimples on the nose, and against blackheads, there is a little magic tool:the blackhead shot. This is a small metal tool , which takes the form of a rod with a loop at the end. To use, simply place the loop over the blemish and apply gentle pressure to remove blackheads and comedones. It is better to have several sizes, because the loop at the end of the rod must perfectly surround the blackhead or pimple for the gesture to be effective, but also not to hurt you.

To properly use the blackhead shot, cleanse your skin and open the pores , either with the help of a scrub rinsed with hot water, or with the help of a facial sauna. Disinfect your blackhead remover before and after each use. Once the blackheads have been extracted and the comedones pierced, disinfect the affected areas with a mild antiseptic. Close the pores with a thermal spray or floral water in a cool place, then moisturize.

Prevent blackheads and pimples on the nose with a good care routine

The blackhead shot is very effective in removing blackheads on the nose . Nevertheless, the ideal would be that these simply do not appear. The key is therefore prevention. To do this, adopt a good daily care routine. In the morning, cleanse your skin to eliminate toxins and sebum produced during the night. Moisturize with a lightweight moisturizer , rich in water and low in lipids. Make up the complexion with a light hand, without comedogenic products.

In the evening, remove make-up from your skin thoroughly. Then clean it with a cleansing gel suitable for your skin type. To allow the skin to recover from its hectic days, apply a moisturizer a little richer than in the morning. We recommend the use of our beauty restoring gel Pure Pulp Neo. Suitable for combination to oily skin, it moisturizes, soothes and repairs areas damaged by imperfections. It gives your skin a fresh and luminous appearance, instantly.

The lifestyle involved in the appearance of blackheads on the nose

If it is easy to change your products and your habits in terms of skincare routine, it is often harder to improve your lifestyle. However, it is essential to prevent blackheads on the nose , and imperfections in general.

Indeed, a diet that is too rich (in carbohydrates and lipids) will promote the overproduction of sebum, both in the skin and the scalp. Bad sugars are particularly responsible for the appearance of blackheads. Stress, lack of sleep, tobacco and alcohol consumption are also involved in the formation of imperfections.

To have beautiful skin, you have to eat a balanced diet, sleep enough , adopt good stress management. Just that ! Yes, that's a lot, but once your good habits are in place, your skin will thank you, and you'll feel better in your sneakers... it's well worth the effort, isn't it?