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Holiday makeup:end the year in style!

The end of the year is fast approaching, and the excitement around the end-of-year celebrations is already being felt. Even if the year 2020 has not kept all its promises, and although the holidays are announced in a very particular context, nothing prevents us from ending the year in style and enjoying our loved ones (in small groups , Of course). To shine on Christmas Eve, here are all our tips for successful holiday makeup!

Party makeup:take care of the base

A week before the holidays

Before embarking on your party makeup, a little preparation is required. Indeed, there is no pretty makeup that holds, if the skin underneath is not perfectly maintained. To prevent blemishes that could spoil the party, we anticipate and pamper our skin a week before the holidays.

Clean it morning and evening with a gentle cleanser to remove impurities and toxins which could accentuate skin texture. Systematically moisturize the skin after cleansing, to provide it with the water and lipids it needs. For skin that's more radiant than ever, we recommend Beauty Restoring Gel Pure Pulp Neo. It restores radiance to tired skin, plumps the skin and redraws the features, for a luminous face.

8 days before the holidays, after cleansing, extend your beauty ritual with a facial exfoliation. This will remove excess sebum that could cause blemishes. Instead, do this treatment in the evening, to let the skin rest overnight. Of course, hydrate well after exfoliation ! Veld's little tip:finalize your beauty routine with the Eye Magic eye contour, it erases the signs of aging and signs of fatigue for a sparkling look for the holidays!

The Eve of New Year's Eve

On the evening of the 23rd, we go even further in our skincare routine:we open the ball with a facial sauna, to properly eliminate toxins by opening the pores. Follow with a scrub to remove sebum residue and smooth skin texture . As long as the pores are open, we take the opportunity to follow up with a mask. Choose the mask according to your beauty concerns:purifying for oily skin, nourishing for dry skin, anti-aging for mature skin. Leave the mask on, rinse with clean water, then moisturize. Your skin will be fresh and clear the next morning, ready for your holiday makeup .

Party makeup:how to wear makeup according to the color of your eyes?

This year, wearing a mask is recommended during the holidays. We are therefore going to focus on a festive make-up that enhances the eyes! However, for those times when you remove the mask to eat or drink, apply makeup to your complexion anyway. A light veil of liquid foundation is enough, a lip balm, and you're done! Do not hesitate for the occasion to get yourself a sequined or lace mask, in order to stay in the festive spirit!

Holiday make-up for brown eyes

It is often said that brown eyes can afford all the follies when it comes to color. However, warm tones are often more flattering. For a special brown eye holiday make-up , we recommend a smocky in shades of brown, gold, or copper.

To do this, apply a beige base all over the mobile eyelid. Then apply very dark brown to the outer corner of the eyelid, work it in a gradient from the middle of the eyelid, stretching outwards. The key to a successful smocky:blur the eyeshadow well ! Once the brown is well stretched, choose a golden, copper, or champagne-colored eyeshadow (if you have glittery ones, go ahead cheerfully, we pull out all the stops!). Apply it to the inner corner of the eyelid, and stretch to the middle of the eyelid.

Then, to give intensity to your look , draw a fine line of brown kohl along the eyelashes, blend it with a fine brush. Add black mascara. This immediately brings depth to the look! Little final touch:a hint of pearly white eyeshadow at the inner corner of the eye. There you have it, a great holiday makeup look for brown eyes!

Blue eyes party makeup

To make up her blue eyes, two options for the holidays:play on the contrast with coppery shades, or emphasize the blue with silvery shades. At Veld's, we have a crush on this second option.

For the more ambitious, you can go for the total look with a glittery silver eyelid ! To avoid having glitter wandering all over your face, start by applying a fixing base. Then, apply your glitter makeup with a brush, all over the mobile eyelid. Overflow a little at the outer corner to stretch the look. Give a slightly almond shape for a more “feline” look. Once the glitter is applied, a dash of black eyeliner flush with the eyelashes, a touch of mascara, and you're done.

For a more understated yet equally sumptuous blue eye holiday makeup look, bring blue into the mix. Make up the entire mobile eyelid with a silver blush, and blur the contours well. On the lower eyelid, draw a line flush with the eyelashes with a blue glitter pencil . Thicken the line at the outer corner of the lower eyelid. Here too, blur well. A touch of black mascara, and here is a sparkling look for the holidays!

Green eyes party makeup

To enhance green eyes, plum and pink tones are ideal. Chance:this is one of the major makeup trends of this year! For a green eyes party make-up , start by applying a pinkish-beige blush all over the eyelid. Then use a fairly dark plum blush. Start from the center of the eyelid and stretch the material outwards, blurring well.

Then, choose a pearly pink, or glittery plum, and apply it from the inner corner to the center of the lid. Blur transitions between shadows to get a nice finish. Using a fine brush, draw a line along the lower lashes with your darkest plum shadow. Blur. Then apply a generous black mascara, in two to three coats, depending on the desired intensity.

Another very trendy option this year:a line of XXL glitter eyeliner, in plum or rose gold tones. Original and trendy holiday make-up that will not leave anyone indifferent!