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The basics of good make-up removal:our guide

Taking care of your skin on a daily basis also involves, and perhaps even above all, good make-up removal. Discover the basics of successful make-up removal , the right cleansing products, what to do... In short, the perfect routine!

Why is good make-up removal essential?

We know that skipping the make-up removal step is a very bad idea to end the day, but why exactly? First, because you risk waking up with eyes glued to mascara and with makeup all over your sheets, which is already unpleasant. But above all because it is essential to let your skin breathe during the night, so that the accumulated toxins can be quietly evacuated.

In short, avoiding a good make-up removal exposes you to tired features when you wake up, a much less fresh complexion and, if your skin is prone to imperfections, unsightly little pimples. We therefore advise you to give yourself these 5 minutes a day to take care of yourself!

Choose your make-up remover according to your skin type

A good make-up removal is above all a question of a good product . It is important to choose a makeup remover that suits the needs of your skin. Focus on the products to choose according to your skin type.

Which make-up remover for oily skin?

The first thing to know when you have oily skin, is to avoid giving in to the temptation of “over-removal” . The combination of different purifying treatments attacks the skin, which naturally defends itself by producing even more sebum, it's the snake biting its own tail. We therefore prefer to choose a product suitable for cleaning oily skin. The texture doesn't matter, as long as you opt for a formulation designed for oily skin.

There are dry oils that remove waterproof makeup well without "greasing" the skin , and several brands offer very well-suited cleansing milks.

It is also possible to cleanse while moisturizing oily skin with Collosol milk water. A milky water has a perfect texture for cleansing oily or acne-prone skin. You can also opt for a cleansing gel and make-up remover, it's a good option for cleaning oily skin.

Note that products labeled "for combination to oily skin" indeed work well for both skin types and are great for cleaning the T-Zone.

Which make-up remover for dry and/or sensitive skin?

In the case of dry skin, it is especially important to choose a make-up remover that does not attack the skin. That is to say, you have to opt for comfortable textures such as cleansing milks, oils or even balms, which also have a formulation suitable for dry skin. If, in addition to being dry, your skin is sensitive, we recommend that you choose a make-up remover balm that you can use with your fingers, softer than cotton or a washable square.

Which make-up remover for a green treatment?

Organic cosmetics have developed well in recent years, and it is now quite easy to find a good organic and environmentally friendly makeup remover . Either way, always be sure to choose a makeup remover that suits the needs of your skin. And if you want an organic and zero waste solution, nothing like coconut oil or shea butter. Take a small amount of product and warm it in your hands, then apply all over the face, massaging gently, wash everything off with lukewarm water and you are perfectly cleansed.

What about micellar water?

Micellar water is best used as a lotion after cleansing your skin. It is indeed a product that does not rinse out, and therefore will not allow you to remove all the makeup.

Out of makeup remover:what to do?

In case of makeup remover breakdown , avoid using your shower gel or face wash directly. Prefer to use coconut oil if you have it, or a little olive oil, it works very well. Note that body milks and creams can also do the trick if you don't wear too much makeup.

Good make-up removal:the ritual to adopt

As you will have understood, the right make-up remover is essential, but you still have to use it correctly. We take stock of the basics of good make-up removal.

When to remove makeup?

It's pretty obvious, we remove makeup when we've done it. This means that you remove your make-up in the evening after a day's work, at night if you come home late, etc. In general, the more time you spend without makeup, the better it is for the skin . So, if you do your make-up in the morning and come home at noon with the firm intention of relaxing quietly at home, do not hesitate to remove your make-up before settling in!

Which make-up remover medium to choose?

Cotton pads, wipes, washable squares… What should I use to remove make-up properly? Instead, we recommend that you use cotton pads or washable squares (even better since zero waste) and reserve make-up remover wipes for troubleshooting . These are less gentle on the skin and can even be irritating to sensitive skin. If you use a balm or vegetable oil, you can also remove your makeup with your fingers, and rinse everything in the sink.

What gestures and in what order?

First, remove make-up from the eyes, then the lips, then the complexion . We proceed in this order to first remove the darkest pigments which tend to "spread" during make-up removal. The right gestures to adopt are those that do not attack the skin, quite simply. We therefore avoid rubbing our eyes to remove all the mascara, and we prefer leave two cotton pads soaked in make-up remover for ten seconds before gently removing them. Same observation for the complexion and the lips:we proceed with gentleness and patience.

Remember to clean

We always finish (we insist on “always”) her make-up removal with a proper cleaning of her face. Moreover, we cleanse our skin even when we are not wearing makeup, and in the morning before starting our day.

Lotion and hydration to finish

Once your skin is glowing,apply a little lotion such as micellar water or floral water to close your pores and tone your skin , then finish your treatment with a moisturizer adapted to your skin type.

Mistakes to avoid for good make-up removal

  • Use a makeup remover that is not suitable for your skin type.
  • Use wipes daily which may dry out the skin.
  • Rub and aggress her skin to remove all makeup.
  • Use only micellar water.
  • Skip cleansing and hydration.