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Fashion:how to accessorize a strapless dress?

Accessories and strapless dress, some fashion rules

With the strapless dress, beware of one-upmanship! Already spectacular and deliberately sexy, the dress is highlighted by its simplicity. When choosing accessories, focus attention on a centerpiece, no more:a big fashionable belt, a nice pair of earrings, a cuff or an accumulation of thin bracelets on an arm... Accumulating accessories would divert the attention attention, or worse, would take away the elegance of the dress. Whatever accessory you choose, leave the neck and shoulders as much as possible unobstructed, to respect the strapless dress guide!

What fashion necklace with the strapless dress?

Most of the time, none. The necklace does not lend itself well to the strapless dress, breaking the delicate line of the shoulders and neck. The only exception is the sweetheart bustier, a favorite of evening dresses, which goes perfectly with drop-shaped necklaces or thin pendants in the hollow of the neckline. If you want to erase the sexy aspect of the dress for an everyday outfit, on the other hand, nothing prevents you from exploiting the flaw! Accessorize it with a bib necklace, a jeweled collar or a precious choker and you're done.

What earrings with the strapless dress?

Again, it's all about effect! To emphasize the line of the shoulders and neck, bet on small jewelry. Discreet ear studs or pearls ensure a fashionable and modern, graphic and refined look. For a glamorous look, choose drop earrings that graze the jawline with every move, accompanied by a loose bun. As for the bohemian strapless dress, it swears only by creoles or ethnic earrings.

What bracelet with the strapless dress?

If you have chosen to accessorize your strapless dress with a necklace, skip the bracelets. If your neck is bare, on the other hand, bet on the fashion of cuffs! Dare the real metal cuff, possibly encrusted with stones, or test the composite cuff, by accumulating several bracelets, possibly around a watch. If the strapless dress is long, printed or brightly colored, mix shapes rather than metals. With a sober strapless dress, however, everything is possible!

What rings with the strapless dress?

Discreet or assumed, the rings must be chosen according to the strapless dress, as well as the rest of the accessories. If you bet on discreet jewels, or on their absence, treat yourself! Opt for a precious ring in the classic version, or hands covered with rings for the bohemian look. Do you wear a necklace or earrings, but no bracelets? Prefer a matching ring, without stealing the show from the necklace.