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5 reasons why we have oily hair

If shiny hair is your enemy and you swear by dry shampoo, then this article should interest you. Let it be said:oily hair is not inevitable! It turns out that there are lots of little things we do (or don't do) without really knowing that they have an impact on our hair. A brief overview…

1/ We wash our hair too much

A quick reminder:hair can be oily by nature, but like skin, sebum is produced to moisturize and protect hair. If you wash it too often, or use aggressive products, then the hair follicle will produce more sebum, considering that the quantity produced is not sufficient. A vicious circle to break absolutely! If we used to wash our hair every day, we force ourselves to hold on for one more day, even if it is difficult at first. Sebum production will regulate itself after a while.

2/ We use a lot of styling

Styling mousse, dry shampoo, hairspray… All these styling products are great, but if you combine them or if you use too much, you risk overloading the hair and the scalp. So, we give you a thousand, the production of sebum is boosted and it can even itch. To avoid this, we pay attention to the quantities of product used and we remember to exfoliate the scalp from time to time to ensure that no residue remains.

3/ Our hairbrush is dirty

Do you usually do your hair and then put away your hairbrush? Big mistake! The sebum present at the root is partly transferred to the bristles of the brush, so when it is then used on clean hair, it simply spreads the sebum (+ any styling residue). Buerk! To avoid this, clean the hairbrush with a little shampoo at least once a week (or even every time you wash your hair, it's even better).

4/ We sleep on a dirty pillowcase

In the series of potentially dirty objects that we do not necessarily think of, we ask for the pillowcase! At night, dead cells from the scalp, sebum and bacteria (hello sweat) are deposited there. If you have oily hair and it's hard to understand why, you can do the test of changing your pillowcase on a day when you wash your hair and see if the problem is recurrent.

5/ We touch our hair too often

Well, that's quite logical but we don't always realize how much we run our hands through our hair... Unless we wash our hands regularly, everything we touch ends up on our hair! Two options:wash your hands more often and/or touch your hair less!