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VIDEO:how to perfectly cut your bangs on your own (without making a massacre)?

Straight, tapered, thick, short or long the bangs continues to be adopted by many women. This year the trend is for curtain bangs, also nicknamed the "Bardot bangs", which gives your hair a definitely vintage and bohemian look. The only fly in the ointment maintenance because yes, for some hairstyles you can't escape the "hairdresser" box, the bangs being one of them.

But this visit to the hairdresser is not inevitable because there are tricks to successfully cut your bangs perfectly on your own at home. To do this, nothing simpler ! Get a good scissor (and not a mower!) and adopt the right gestures because after all hairdressing is ALSO an art of good gesture. So to avoid the risk of having a massacred fringe, follow the technical rules to the letter:

  • Cut your bangs on dry hair and clean
  • Separate your hair in two to define your future bangs
  • Brush the hair of your future bangs
  • Pinch your future bangs between your index and middle fingers and lower your fingers to the desired length
    Tips:always go down a little lower than you want, you can always correct afterwards
  • Cut little by little in staking, chisel vertically

Results ? Pretty bangs with a slight gradient effect for a natural look.

Find out how to cut her bangs alone in pictures in our video.

How to choose your bangs according to the morphology of your face?

In the collective imagination, the fringe is reserved for women who have a broad forehead but think again because we can all have one! You just have to choose your bangs according to the morphology of your face but also of his type of hair .

For example, for a round face, the ideal is the tapered fringe at the height of the eyebrows. On the other hand, for those who have a small face favor short bangs with a side-swept effect, it will also suit square faces . For long faces long bangs are recommended. Finally, the graaaal?! The oval and thin faces , there you can afford all types of bangs.

How to choose the right bangs according to the nature of your hair?

For fine hair it is advisable to make a fringe quite high on the skull, straight or on the side, in order to give maximum volume. Those with thick hair or bold you can opt for the famous curtain fringe or the very light tapered fringe. These are also very suitable for curly hair or frizzy .

If with all this you still ask yourself the question "do I have a head to have bangs?" here is THE answer:enjoy yourself and test , in the worst case you will just have to wait for your hair to grow back (and it does grow back very quickly!).

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