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Beauty tips:treat yourself to a spring cleaning!

Sunny days are on the horizon, temperatures are rising slowly, and we quickly want to put winter behind us! A spring cleaning is an opportunity to offer a beneficial renewal to your skin. Here are our beauty tips to be radiant in spring!

Leave winter behind with detoxifying treatments

For radiant skin all year round, it is necessary to change your beauty routine with the seasons .

In winter, the skin is put to the test:the cold and the lack of sun lead to dry skin and a dull complexion. We then opt for very rich moisturizing and nourishing creams, in order to protect the skin and nourish it. We also often adopt a more pronounced make-up, to enhance the complexion and bring pep to the face.

Nestled under the cream and well-covering make-up, the skin is protected from aggressions but sometimes has difficulty breathing. In addition, if our diet is richer in winter, the skin suffers the consequences and is oilier, duller, and imperfections can show the tip of their nose.

A detoxifying beauty routine

To do a big spring cleaning and leave the excesses of winter behind, bet on a detoxifying beauty routine. Your skin will appreciate this breath of fresh air.

To do this, cleanse your skin every day with a cleansing gel adapted to your skin type, after carefully removing make-up. Once or twice a week, carry out a small exfoliation using a mechanical scrub for oily-prone skin, and enzymatic for dry-prone skin. A good routine to remove impurities and overproduction of sebum!

To complete the cleansing of your skin, applying a mask once a week will eliminate toxins embedded deep in the epidermis . Think in particular of clay masks, which are very effective and adapted to different skin types depending on the clay used (white, green, pink, etc.).

Adapt your beauty routine to the demands of spring

The arrival of spring is the perfect time to review our beauty routine. The goal ? Bring freshness, radiance, and more lightness to our skin.

Sun care to protect your skin

The spring sun can be treacherous:even if the temperatures remain low and the wind cool, UV rays are still present. If we immediately think of applying sun care in stifling heat, we often forget to put it on in the spring, although the exposure is just as important!

Using a sunscreen is therefore essential to limit exposure to UVA rays, which cause the appearance of pigment spots and fine lines. To protect your skin from premature ageing, apply a light sunscreen every morning, before applying your usual facial treatment .

If you plan to spend time outdoors, be sure to apply sunscreen to all exposed areas. Don't forget the neck and décolleté, where the skin is particularly fragile.

Yes to moisturizers, but lightly

In winter, the skin naturally dries out and requires richer care to stay comfortable and protected. When temperatures rise, hydration needs are lower. If you continue to use a cream that is too rich, the skin will present an excess of sebum, it will shine, and the make-up will have poor staying power.

In the spring, favor lighter moisturizers, which are not likely to suffocate the skin . Of course, the type of cream used must remain suitable for your skin type.

At Veld's we have developed the AGE 2 range O for skin hydration. The anti-aging cream and serum moisturize the skin to protect it from skin aging , due to external aggressions. With no greasy effect, it hydrates the skin well, without suffocating it:just what you need for a feeling of comfort and freshness all day long!

Bet on good looks!

With the arrival of spring, we want pep, freshness, a unified and luminous complexion. To regain a healthy glow, as we have seen previously, do not skimp on purifying and exfoliating treatments, and especially on face masks ! The toxins present in the skin are responsible for the dull complexion, so they must be eliminated with care.

Then you can use a healthy glow treatment in your daily beauty routine. At Veld's, we have developed Pure Pulp Glow, a moisturizer that uses light to restore radiance to the face. Its moisturizing and anti-aging action boosts cellular energy for smoothed wrinkles and a fresh complexion .

Every morning, to revitalize the complexion and obtain a healthy glow, don't hesitate to apply your moisturizer during a facial massage, to activate the circulation, relax the micro-muscles of the face, and bring luminosity. energy to the epidermis. Apply your cream in a circle with your fingertips, and gently pat the face.

Sparkling spring make-up with Veld’s

If we adapt our beauty routine to the changes of season, our makeup bag must also follow the movement. On the same principle as for moisturizers, the foundation should be a little less covering, lighter . Potentially, you could opt for a halftone or even a shade above the winter foundation, to follow your skin tan. Let the skin breathe with a mineral foundation, or with a tinted cream , like our Flash Protect treatment.

At eye level, leave aside the very marked eyeliner and opt for a more subtle eyeshadow , with pearly touches for the light effect. A pretty golden brown for brown eyes, a bronze blush to enhance blue eyes, or a plum blush to dress green eyes, and voila!

On the lipstick side, a simple gloss for light may be enough . Rosewood and nude shades are also very trendy this season and help to enhance the complexion, while keeping makeup natural.