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Beautiful and dynamic:good anti-fatigue practices

Fatigue can become very painful on a daily basis:it slows down the pace of life, affects concentration, dulls the complexion and hardens the features. To combat fatigue, it is necessary to identify its causes and find appropriate solutions. Better hygiene of life, care and beauty tips, discover Veld's good anti-fatigue practices!

Identify the causes of fatigue

Fatigue significantly affects our daily quality of life. It can have a wide variety of causes:an overly busy lifestyle, a disturbed biological rhythm, a diet that is too rich or deficient, or even sleep disorders. Fatigue, if it is brutal and sudden, requires a small visit to the doctor to make sure of your state of health.

In addition, fatigue largely affects the radiance of your skin. When you sleep, blood flow and collagen production are increased. It is these two elements that will mainly contribute to giving a healthy glow on waking, and to tightening the features of the face. In case of lack of sleep, the skin will therefore appear drier, duller, dark circles and wrinkles will be more marked.

Also, the skin, during the day, is subject to many attacks:cold, heat, pollution, makeup that is sometimes too covering, etc. During the night, the skin regenerates and gives itself a “break” to be able to last all day that will follow. Lack of sleep can then contribute to premature skin aging , but also, to the appearance of imperfections .

However, fatigue is not inevitable . There are plenty of tips and good practices to improve your quality of life. A healthy lifestyle, combined with skin care and appropriate make-up, will definitely give you a boost!

A healthy lifestyle:the best anti-fatigue tip!

There is no secret, our state of health as well as our physical form are consequences of our lifestyle. In this sense, a few small gestures made on a daily basis can help you regain energy in no time!

A regular sleep cycle to fight fatigue

To avoid the feeling of fatigue, sleep is of course the key. To be in top shape, it is recommended to sleep 8 hours a night . The minimum needed to ensure your day is in a “correct” state is 6 hours, although this should not be a habit. Obviously, these needs vary from person to person depending on lifestyle, and evolve throughout life.

On a daily basis, try to keep a regular sleep cycle :go to bed and get up at a fixed time. The more regular your sleep cycle, the better your body will be able to keep up. Finally, do not neglect an unstoppable tool against fatigue:the nap. 10 to 20 minutes between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. is ideal to regain energy to finish the day in a productive way!

A diet full of energy:anti-fatigue foods

We sometimes tend to forget it, but food plays as much on our biological rhythm as sleep. A diet that is too rich, fatty and sweet will require a lot of energy from the body to be digested and assimilated. In times of fatigue, avoid dairy products, red meats, foods containing gluten , and you can already see an improvement.

Vegetables, fruits, fish, and oilseeds should be an integral part of your diet for easy digestion. Above all, these foods will provide you with the vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of the body, in order to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

What if sport was the right anti-fatigue tip?

During physical activity, the body releases endorphins and serotonin, which will relieve stress and improve mood. However, stress and annoyance are often the cause of sleep disorders, or a state of general fatigue.

Indirectly, sport therefore helps to fight against fatigue. In addition, beyond stress and emotional state, sport helps regulate the internal clock, and promotes restful sleep . When physical activity refines our silhouette, calms our stress, gives us a smile and energy on a daily basis, why deprive ourselves?

Good anti-fatigue practices:an invigorating skincare routine

The night was not as restful as you wished? Are you facing a particularly intense period? Adapt your beauty routine to erase signs of fatigue.

Start by washing your face with cold water , to tone the skin and tighten pores. Then apply spoons that have spent the night in the fridge on your dark circles, in order to deflate and decongest the skin as much as possible. Next, apply a toning lotion, before applying a light moisturizer . While you apply the cream, do not hesitate to make small massages with your fingertips, to decongest and stretch the features. A few facial gymnastic exercises can also help tighten the skin and smooth the small muscles of the face.

When you are tired, it is especially the eye area that betrays you. So, especially pamper your eyes :apply our Eye Magic eye contour treatment morning and evening, just after your moisturizer. It illuminates the eyes, reduces dark circles and puffiness, while filling in expression lines. A real youthful look!

In case of temporary fatigue, the highlighter brush will be your best ally. To banish wrinkles on a daily basis, you can bet on the anti-wrinkle Eye Magic, ideal for fighting the signs of aging.

If you have time for a 10-minute wellness break, feel free to apply green tea bags or cucumber slices to your eyes . They will bring a good dose of hydration and anti-oxidants to the eye contour, to give pep to the look.

Hide fatigue with the right make-up gestures

Once your skincare routine is done, makeup will complete your good anti-fatigue gestures, to camouflage what remains visible, and bring a touch of pep! Start by applying foundation to even out the complexion , or a healthy-glow DD cream, like our Pure Pulp Glow treatment.

Then apply concealer , first orange if you have dark circles, then a shade lighter than your complexion, to unify. Apply with your fingertips, tapping lightly, to fix the material without removing it by rubbing too hard. Finish the complexion by adding a veil of powder (very light so as not to give a “plastered” effect), and a touch of blush on the cheekbones to restore radiance to the complexion.

Avoid using dark eye shadow or eyeliner that is too strong, they could mark the features and draw attention to dark circles. Choose a clear, light and luminous eyeshadow. Then apply mascara, insisting on the upper lashes, and having a light hand on the lower lashes, so as not to draw attention to the dark circles.

The good anti-fatigue trick when the complexion is dull and dark circles present is to divert attention. Hydrate your lips then apply a bright, colorful and luminous lipstick . It will immediately illuminate your face, attract attention, and put the complexion and dark circles in the background. Be careful though, choose a shade that matches your skin tone.

Once your beauty routine is complete, continue your momentum by choosing an appropriate outfit:avoid wearing a top that is too dark (especially black, which hardens the features), and opt for a color that reflects light and suits you. dyed. Thanks to its small anti-fatigue gestures, you will be radiant despite the missing hours of sleep , and confident to face your day!