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8 beauty tips

8 beauty tips

It's never too late to learn something new about beauty.

1. Radiant glance
Apply a little shimmery eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye. It ensures an open and awake glance.

2. Clean between your teeth
For clean teeth, the floss saw is a godsend, especially when you use it in combination with toothpicks. With the taut floss thread, you can saw away tartar between your teeth.

3. Matte skin
No mattifying powder at hand? You can put an end to shiny skin with blotting paper.

4. Beautiful nails
Are your nails discolored? With a nail whitener your nails look fresh again.

5. Smell nice all day long
To smell good all day long, spray your perfume behind your ears, on your neck, on the inside of your wrist, on the inside of your elbows and the backs of your knees. A scent also lingers in your hair for a long time, but beware:alcohol dries out your hair.

6. Popping eyes
Color your eyelids with a white eye pencil to bring out bright eye shadows. The same goes for nail polish:by applying a layer of white lacquer first, bright colors will pop even more.

7. Foundation too light
Use a foundation slightly lighter than your skin to highlight your skin. It provides beautiful highlights without shimmer.

8. A permanent place
Store makeup that you use every day in a fixed place. You save time because you don't have to look for the powder in your handbag or the cream that turns out to be in the bathroom.