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Why should you moisturize your face morning and evening?

Why should you moisturize your face morning and evening?

We can never say it enough:hydration is a crucial step in having healthy and radiant skin. There are a thousand and one ways to do it. For frequency, during your morning prep and in the evening before bed are the ideal times to moisturize the skin. This gesture must be an integral part of your beauty routine. And even if you only apply a few products to the face, you must always moisturize the skin. Here's why...

Hydrate to optimize skin quality

Good hydration is the secret to soft, plump and supple skin. This gesture is to be preferred if one wishes to have and maintain a beautiful quality of skin. Like most of the elements that make up the body, the skin is also made up mostly of water. If its reserve runs out, it becomes dull, weakens and ages prematurely. According to the National Center for Scientific Research, the skin is composed of 65% water, the more the cells of the epidermis are swollen with water, the smoother and plumper they become. It is essential to hydrate it daily.

Hydrate to anticipate aging

Applying a moisturizer morning and evening helps prevent the signs of aging. In this way, you can slow down the aging of the skin and prevent it from aging prematurely. Fine lines and wrinkles are usually due to dehydrated skin. We advise you to accompany the application of your treatment with a small facial massage to increase the effects tenfold. This optimizes blood circulation at the level and thus stimulates the cells that make up the skin of the face.

Moisturize to avoid oily skin

Contrary to popular belief, less hydration in the face and the rest of the body only increases the risk of oily skin. The epidermis tends to protect itself from drying out and will therefore secrete more sebum if it feels that its skin is drying out. To prevent this from happening, it is best to moisturize in the morning and evening. It should not be forgotten that oily skin is more susceptible to various skin problems such as the appearance of acne, redness, etc.

Hydrate for a dazzling complexion

Of course, it is possible to use make-up products to illuminate the complexion such as highlighter, but do not replace hydration if your goal is to have beautiful skin. The ideal is indeed, to treat the skin in depth and this necessarily involves hydration every day, morning and evening. The treatments make it possible to remove the elements that can clog the pores but also to give the skin a new lease of life. In this way, during the night, it can follow its natural course of regeneration.

Hydrate to soothe problem skin

Redness and tightness are among the main problems of poorly hydrated skin. Malnourished, the skin becomes thinner and therefore more sensitive to external aggressions. These symptoms can also announce more serious illnesses. As soon as they appear, it is necessary to establish an intensely moisturizing beauty ritual to prevent the problem from setting in.

Hydrate to prepare for make-up

Evening and morning hydration prepares the epidermis to receive make-up products. It preserves the well-being and health of the skin and optimizes the adhesion of make-up. This is why it is recommended to apply your moisturizer daily before applying makeup. You can also use a BB cream like Funny Bee's Organic Pretty BB Cream, both a moisturizer and a make-up.

Hydrate to protect the skin from external aggressions

Cold, hard water, wind, dust, ultraviolet rays, pollution… Every day, the epidermis has to deal with attacks from the outside. These pollutants clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing normally, which promotes the appearance of skin problems. The goal of hydration is then to prevent them from penetrating the skin by preserving its hydrolipidic film. The latter is a skin barrier that maintains the skin's resistance to external aggressions.

How to hydrate the skin?

Depending on the season, your age and your needs, there is a natural treatment that will bring you complete satisfaction, the Belle au Naturel box accompanies you in the discovery of these treatments by selecting organic and French treatments for you. Serum, cream, oil or lotion constitute your beauty routine for an optimal hydration of your skin.

Of course, drinking 1.5 liters of water a day is also a determining factor for well hydrated and perfectly healthy skin, which is why we encourage you to always have a water bottle with you for good keep you hydrated throughout the day.