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The 5 steps of your layering routine

Your "Perfect Skin" Layering Routine

Layering is a beauty ritual that prevents skin problems rather than curing them . Originally from Asia, it is now very widespread in the world. This method allows you to have plump, radiant, velvety and smooth skin. This technique has improved over the centuries and is passed down from generation to generation. In recent years, layering has even been offered in beauty salons. It includes 5 stages of care based on the use of natural and organic products.

Good to know about layering

Before starting a layering routine, carefully select the treatments for your ritual. These must respect your skin, which is why we recommend organic labeled cosmetic products. This label guarantees the quality of their composition, such as the fact that they do not contain any substance derived from petrochemicals or other controversial substances.

1# Oil make-up removal

Organic vegetable oil gently and effectively removes make-up from all parts of the face:the eye contour, complexion and lips, while providing suppleness and comfort to your skin.

Apply your organic oil cleanser by gently massaging the skin of your face with your fingers then gently wipe off with a reusable makeup remover pad. You can also put the oil directly on the square and then massage your face in a circular fashion directly with the square.

2# Cleansing lotion (or soap)

The second step is to use an organic cleansing lotion such as La Complice des Happycuriennes. You can also use an organic soap. This type of product will help you deeply cleanse your epidermis. All the impurities embedded in the pores will be eliminated. For rinsing, the ideal is to use a Konjac sponge moistened with warm water. The gentle exfoliation properties of these sponges are well established!

3# Eye contour care

The third step in a minimalist layering routine is to take care of the eye area using a special treatment. These must be adapted to the skin of this part of the face which is particularly sensitive and fragile. The lotion must then be both gentle and effective to prevent the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. It helps to fade small spots and unsightly puffiness. The objective of this step is to illuminate the eyes. You only need a small dose of care, we recommend the eye contour roll on from olala! French Cosmetics.

4# Applying the serum

The penultimate step of a layering beauty ritual is the use of a serum. This type of product has the role of treating the various specific problems of the skin. It also has the mission of activating the benefits of the cream you use for your face. It will improve skin texture, strengthen it and reveal its radiance. You must insist on your chin, your cheeks and your forehead by making small circular massages so that the product can penetrate well into the pores.

5# The Night Cream

The last step in a layering routine is the night cream. Its mission is to ensure the rehydration of your skin. It also protects your epidermis and allows it to regenerate overnight.