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Beauty cocooning ritual:a gift to yourself

With a life at 100 per hour and dozens of daily obligations, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. Even worse, forgetting to take care of our body. However, whatever our age, it supports us on a daily basis. So it would be a fair return to take care of him. To do this, nothing beats a good pampering beauty ritual and well-being to keep in shape.

What you need to know

Before talking about beauty rituals, it is necessary to emphasize that well-being does not depend solely on the products used. Indeed, it is based on all our daily living habits. Adopt ahealthy lifestyle is therefore the basis for taking care of yourself .

Learn to rest

It starts with sleep. Sleeping well is essential to ensure well-being and beauty. In order for the body to recover well and give the cells time to rebuild, you need to sleep an average of 8 hours a night. Lack of sleep causes the number of white blood cells to drop and the body becomes more susceptible to viruses. This drop in the immune system greatly increases the chances of getting sick.


In addition to sleep, moments of relaxation and cocooning are also essential. This involves taking breaks from time to time between activities throughout the day. If possible, it is even recommended to dedicate half a day or a day off during the weekend, for example, to rest.

During these times, everyone can have a good time in their own way. We can stay with the family and do activities to relax:board games, outdoor outings, sports, etc. This will release the stress accumulated during the week. It is also possible to have well-being sessions in a spa, a massage room, etc. The main goal is to recharge your batteries and recharge your energy before resuming a new week of work.

Healthy food, healthy life

Finally, a good nutrition habit is essential for well-being and beauty. We must know how to carefully select everything we consume. Everyone knows that the basics of good nutrition are fruits and vegetables and a sufficient amount of water.

You must then know how to reduce or even eliminate industrial foods from your diets. Will also be regulated:alcoholic products, spicy products, etc. Substances that are difficult to assimilate by the body and in the long run can damage the organism.

What is the beauty ritual?

A beauty ritual is an operation made torefocus on oneself . This is by no means a selfish gesture. These moments of reconstitution allow you to maintain your bubble of well-being. The best way to take care of yourself. A state sometimes undermined by environmental pressure, family, society, appearances, work, etc.

Beauty rituals are also the perfect time for those who like to pamper themselves . An opportunity to treat yourself in front of the mirror:put on makeup, apply natural care and various organic treatments for the skin, face, body, hands, feet, hair, etc.

Everyone has their own beauty routine. Some do it in the morning, others in the evening. Regarding the products used, it also depends on tastes, objectives, skin types, etc. The main thing is to take care of yourself .

Building a warm cocooning moment at home or relying on the expert hands of beauticians, the choice is yours. The goal is to relax and rejuvenate, so you will need to determine the space that will allow you to fully enjoy your beauty ritual.

What are the steps for a “cocooning well-being” beauty ritual?

To perform a “wellness pampering” beauty ritual, you need to follow a few steps. They each have their own importance. It is therefore not rational to skip one if you want to have good results.

The first step in the “well-being cocooning” beauty ritual is relaxation. This prepares the body for treatment. With hot or lukewarm water, the muscles and nerves relax. We evacuate all that is stress. This step also cleanses the skin and opens the pores. Thus, they can easily absorb the products that will follow.

After the shower, a scrub session is necessary. This gently exfoliates the body. First apply the Organic Lavandin Hammam Soap from Oliv &Moi, then exfoliate your entire body with the BelleauNaturel loofah glove, you will immediately feel these benefits and the newfound softness of your skin.

For body and face detoxification after exfoliation, Beautanicae's Organic Super Antioxidant Serum is perfect to complete your evening beauty ritual. It is a product designed to limit the damage of environmental pollution.

The skin then needs hydration. Particular attention should be paid to sensitive and dry areas.

Olala Cosmétique eye contour roll on care enriched with hyaluronic acid will brighten your complexion while slowing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

From your hands to your elbows, Terra Ipsum Organic Nourishing Hand Cream will leave a soft lavender scent while moisturizing and protecting these areas.

To properly hydrate your body, we recommend Esthetica pure nature high nutrition cream. Enriched with organic sacha inqi oil, this cream is perfect for moisturizing, nourishing and fighting against free radicals. We present it to you in the article My new favorite active ingredient:Organic Sacha Inchi oil.

For the feet, we recommend oOlution's Organic Foot Repair Cream. A treatment whose active ingredients repair, nourish and heal to eliminate calluses, soften the skin and erase tension.

To complete today's "cocooning well-being" beauty ritual, the face needs a special moisturizing mask. Pamper it with the Organic Serum with French royal jelly from Folies Royales. This exceptional treatment combines royal jelly and propolis to regenerate and make your skin more elastic. A rest completes the whole thing so that the products can really have effects. It should be noted that all these products are available in BelleauNaturel boxes. You can create a personalized box with an 80€ voucher.

Why use organic products for the beauty ritual?

The use of organic products for a "well-being cocooning" beauty ritual is recommended by several specialists in the world of beauty and well-being.

The first reason for this new trend is related to health. Organic products are formulated, entirely or mainly, with natural ingredients. A composition that presents less risk to the health of users .

They are indeed free of toxic products such as paraben, triclosan, butylparaben, butylphenyl methylpropional, BHA, salicylic acid, silicones, etc. .

Organic products are also environmentally and animal friendly. They are subject to particularly strict rules from the production of their raw materials to their packaging. They must comply with the standards imposed by the certifying bodies. These are guarantees of quality for consumers . Thus, their use for a beauty ritual allows you to benefit from many advantages.