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Detoxify with Organic Green Tea

Inexplicable moments of fatigue, permanent discomfort or just a desire to cleanse the body? Here is the ideal grandmother's remedy to feel good again:Organic Green Tea ! A simple but so effective natural infusion that can help us on a daily basis. Renowned for its detoxifying and draining effects, organic green tea will help the body to recharge its batteries. This organic decoction represents the cure par excellence to eliminate all accumulated toxins. In addition to cleansing the body, it is also an antioxidant active ingredient that can be added to our beauty ritual!

Organic Green Tea Infusion

Slackness, discomfort, moodiness, our body informs us of its exhaustion. Through these signals of fatigue and irritation, he makes us understand his great need for a gooddetox cure.

We recommend organic green tea as a cure for getting rid of all toxins and improving metabolism. This medicinal plant with multiple virtues will be our ally in our fight against toxins.

The synergy of theine and caffeine present in this natural drink will cleanse the body while boosting it. Its consumption also stimulates the immune system to reinforce our natural barriers .

Its purifying action targets the body's filtering organs:the liver and the kidneys. And this, thanks to the intervention of the polyphenols present in the tea leaves. A marked improvement in metabolic functions is felt as soon as the liver has received this boost.

This natural infusion, in addition to being antioxidant, has slimming properties. Since it contributes to the reduction of excess fat, water and sugar from the metabolism. An effect that can relieve us of a few extra pounds.

Despite its many virtues, overconsumption is still not recommended. Its diuretic action repeatedly and at too high a dose can exhaust the kidneys and lead to renal failure.

Organic Green Tea Cosmetics

We purify our bodies with organic green tea, so why not use it in our beauty rituals at the same time?

Organic green tea is a remarkable cosmetic active ingredient. Whether in hair or skin care, its purifying effects are undisputed.

The components of organic green tea, mainly vitamins C and E, strengthen hair, stimulate hair growth and restore shine. To benefit from these benefits, we recommend it as a rinse during hair routines.

We also recommend Byophytum's Epurevia repairing and detangling cocooning hair mask, enriched with shea butter and peppermint essential oil. These nourishing and regenerating properties are ideal after the green tea rinse.

We can also benefit from the fortifying and nourishing actions of the Magic Hair Mask with Melusine hemp oil. The antioxidant and revitalizing virtues of its many active ingredients will complement the effects of organic green tea on the hair fiber.

Our skin also needs purification with this gentle infusion. Just like with our hair, organic green tea can be used as a rinse.

However, Beautanicae's organic super anti-oxidant serum is there to take care of it. Its detoxifying action, thanks to the organic green tea it contains, will smooth and protect the skin throughout the day. Accompanied by organic apricot oil and organic prickly pear oil, this exceptional treatment regenerates cells and illuminates the complexion.

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