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7 cosmetics that respect your skin

Taking care of your skin on a daily basis is essential, but you have to choose your products carefully. Indeed, because of their components, some cosmetics attack the skin, not to mention their effect on the planet. Fortunately, many manufacturers today offer natural products that are as good for the planet as they are for your skin. Let's review the cosmetic products that deserve a place in your bathroom!

Opt for a solid deodorant

Solid deodorants are ecological products that are also much better for our skin. It is a 100% natural product, most often vegan, which is very effective (much more effective than classic deodorants filled with chemicals). In fact, it regulates perspiration and prevents bad odors.

What are the specificities of solid deodorant?

As its name suggests, solid deodorant is a compact and crumbly product. It is quite different from conventional deodorant. You have the choice between several shapes, to choose according to your preferences:ball, cube, pot and stick. Solid deodorants in jars and sticks are most often refillable to avoid waste.

Of course, like classic deodorants, you have the choice between different scents. In general, the smells are very sweet, most often coming from essential oils, plants and fruits:lavender, mandarin, vetiver, lemon, rose...

Another specificity of the solid deodorant is that it is composed of natural ingredients. Generally made in France, it is composed of natural products known for their virtues for the skin. It is often enriched with moisturizers like shea butter and cocoa butter to do your skin even more good. To ensure their effectiveness, manufacturers use odor-busting ingredients like essential oils and baking soda. What is certain is that you will have an effective product whose composition is much cleaner than a classic deodorant , especially if it is certified organic, vegan, natural, cruelty free, etc.

Why opt for solid deodorant?

First, the solid deodorant owes its great success to its composition. Indeed, it is composed of natural ingredients , unlike conventional deodorants which very often contain aluminium, parabens, alcohol… With these harmful ingredients, most traditional deodorants would be the cause of various discomforts and diseases such as irritation, itching and burning sensations up to breast cancer.

Thanks to these carefully selected components, the solid deodorant respects the sensitivity of the skin of the armpits and thus saves you from having to suffer all these skin problems.

The solid deodorant is also very economical , because its duration of use is much longer compared to that of a classic deodorant. It is very ecological thanks to its manufacturing process, its composition and the absence of superfluous packaging.

Finally, it is very effective thanks to the anti-odor properties of the natural products used. In addition, it regulates perspiration without clogging the pores like aluminum does.

How to use a solid deodorant?

The use and practicality of solid deodorant depends on its form. For deodorant pastes, you must take a small amount of paste that must be softened between the fingers with a little warm water before applying it to the armpit.

Most solid deodorants (box or stick) are easier to use, however. Indeed, you will only have to apply it directly to the armpit . It is therefore not necessary to rinse your hand after application.

Let yourself be tempted by solid cosmetics to form your own opinion!

The universal beauty oil:a multifunctional product

Universal beauty oil is another cosmetic that only means good to you. Made with natural products with many virtues, it adapts to all skin types and overcomes most skin problems, even sensitive and problem skin.

Based on sweet almond, hazelnut or argan oil , often composed with avocado, castor or apricot oils, the universal oil nourishes and protects the skin. It can be used for face, body and even hair.

We advise you to opt for an oil with a dry texture if you are looking for an oil that can be used in different ways. It can be used for make-up removal, hydration of the skin (to be applied at bedtime, for example), massage... The universal beauty oil also has an anti-aging, regenerating and revitalizing effect. After the application of such a product, you will have the pleasant sensation of well hydrated, repaired, soothed and soft skin.

To avoid having to buy several different cosmetics, Universal Beauty Oil can also be used for hair care. Indeed, beauty oil is a perfect nourishing treatment, especially for dry, weakened and brittle hair . As well-nourished and hydrated hair is healthier, it will grow faster.

Adopt goat's milk soap

Soap is another skincare product that is making a big comeback right now. Much more economical and ecological than shower gels, soap is also a precious ally for those who want to take care of their skin.

If you have sensitive skin or just want to take care of your skin, try goat milk soap. Made in France, this organic handmade soap repairs, nourishes and hydrates the skin . It also protects against various aggressions such as cold, UV rays and pollution to have beautiful and firm skin, whatever the season. It is perfect for sensitive, dry, fragile or acne-prone skin.

Let yourself be tempted by the universal cream

Just like the universal oil, the universal cream allows you to reduce the number of cosmetic products you need. This treatment with multiple benefits can only take care of your skin. A universal organic cream allows you to replace all the creams you need on a daily basis with a single product . In particular, it can replace:

  • body cream,
  • hand cream,
  • moisturizing face cream,
  • serum or anti-wrinkle cream,
  • styling wax for the hair,
  • hair care,
  • lip balm,
  • make-up remover,
  • the soothing after-sun cream…

Thanks to this type of universal product, you will significantly reduce your expenses . When you're on the go, a single bottle will allow you to continue your skincare routine wherever you are.

Try floral water to soothe your skin

Floral water is also essential to take care of your skin gently. Thanks to its light texture, floral water such as rose or cornflower water cleanses the skin. After a treatment, applying a face mask or exfoliating, rinse your skin with floral water. Indeed, tap water is too often overloaded with limestone, which can attack the skin and dry it out.

By cleansing your skin with floral water, you will be able to hydrate your skin and rid it of dirt gently. It is also a soothing and light texture that feels so good in summer.

Incorporate organic aloe vera gel into your skincare routine

Aloe vera is a natural ingredient found in many cosmetic products. To take full advantage of its benefits, prefer organic aloe vera gel which is prepared from fresh juice. The aloeverose content is specified (minimum 1200 mg/L) to ensure product quality.

Aloe vera gel is generally obtained by combining the heart of aloe vera with a natural preservative and possibly a pH adjuster of natural origin. This type of product will give you the many benefits of aloe vera on the skin:soothing, moisturizing, quenching, nourishing, regenerating, anti-wrinkle … It is perfect on all skin types, but especially on mature, dry, sensitive and blemished skin.

The benefits of cold cream

If you want to take care of your skin, subjected to terrible tests in winter, try the Cold Cream. Unlike a simple classic moisturizer that will bring water to the skin, Cold Cream also has nourishing and protective properties . In general, Cold Cream is made with beeswax, which gives it this comforting side. It is also composed of natural ingredients such as olive oil, water or the essence of floral waters...

The Cold Cream is a perfect treatment in winter, when our skin feels tight. This so comforting cream will soothe, repair and soften the skin for a feeling of softness.

It will also prevent the appearance of redness and dryness of the skin , very common symptoms in winter. To take advantage of its benefits, simply apply your Cold Cream to cleansed skin, allowing it to penetrate well, i.e. massaging lightly with circular movements. You can apply it as a day cream to protect your skin against external aggressions (cold, wind, humidity, etc.) and as a night cream to soothe and deeply moisturize the skin.