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We tested the Eyebrow Workshop

Eyebrow hair removal with tweezers alone is sometimes necessary but a disaster quickly arrives and not being a pro, sometimes small unevenness occurs, an eyebrow that takes too round a shape or downright horror a hole that we can not catch up!!!

Once we have experienced all these little inconveniences caused by our eyebrows, we begin to ask ourselves questions. E What if I turned to a specialist? But where to go? At my beautician? in a beauty channel? to a specialist?

Having tested all 3, I can tell you that the best option and the only one that made me ecstatic when I saw the difference is my visit to the Atelier du Sourcil !

Why? Because the workshop is specialized in the beauty of the eyes . In other words, the experts are trained to give a diagnosis on our eyebrows and know how to tame the slightest failure. Our eyebrows have no secrets for them.

Follower of the brand's services and expertise, we have decided to immerse you in the world of the eyebrow workshop and to introduce you to this workshop which is so precious to us. What types of benefits can I obtain by going to a salon? What are the prices? Before and after photos of the different treatments.

The editor of My Cherished Habits reviews the wide range of services offered by eye experts.

Let's start by introducing you to the brand.

The gaze specialist

In 2006, the first workshop was created by makeup artist Joss Devilleneuve, an expert in her field for 25 years already. She first moved to Paris in the 17th arrondissement and began to create a reputation. The first salon specializing in the beauty of the eyes is born and its success will follow very quickly.

For more than 10 years, the eyebrow workshop has established itself as THE eye specialist in France.

Not only is the concept innovative, but in addition to offering services to enhance the look, the brand also creates its l exclusive line of make-up and care for the eyebrows. It's a real success.

The treatments offered by the brand

Eyebrow care

What does eyebrow restructuring consist of?

Well-designed eyebrows adapted to your facial morphology can make all the difference!

In addition, when our eyebrows are full and perfectly shaped, there is less need for makeup because the face is already more harmonious and younger.

The goal restructuring is to give harmony to your face by enhancing your eyebrows thanks to a perfect symmetry of your two lines of eyebrows.

The course of the session:

  1. The expert will carry out a diagnosis to find out if you want something natural or rather structured.
  2. She removes your make-up then draws an eyebrow line to enlarge your gaze.
  3. It redraws your eyebrow line through tweezing hair by hair and much less aggressive than waxing.
  4. If you wish, the practitioner will offer to make up your eyebrow to achieve the desired effect

The treatment lasts on average 20-30 minutes maximum. For the first time, your eyebrows must be long enough and must not have been plucked for at least 3 weeks - 1 month. Then, it is advisable to come for maintenance waxing on average once a month.

  • Restructuring price:€30
  • Maintenance fee:€20
  • Dye prices:€15

The beauty of the eyelash

Eyelash extensions

Perfect for short or fairly thin lashes that lack volume.

The principle is to apply synthetic eyelashes one by one to each natural eyelash. It is possible to choose the density and the length that you want to obtain. Depending on the option chosen, semi, exterior, complete or Russian volume, the duration of the installation will not be the same. Count 30 minutes for the exterior, 1 hour for the complete then up to 2 hours for a Russian volume.

Full Extension -Before/After

You really don't feel any heaviness on the lashes. Natural effect guaranteed! It is advisable to make touch-ups afterwards.

  • Full extension:€150
  • Semi extension:€95
  • External extensions:60 €

The @rehaucils

Eyelash Lift - Before / After

We often know the perm that curls the eyelashes. The enhancement technique is different and not only raises the eyelash and lengthens it at the same time. It can be combined with a tint for an even more intense look.

The duration of the enhancement of eyelash varies between 4 to 6 weeks depending on the nature of the eyelash. It takes 45 minutes for this treatment and about 1 hour with a tincture.

The method is water resistant. We have the feeling of already being made up early in the morning. The pose does not hurt, you just have to keep your eyes closed during the performance. Make-up can be applied over it approximately 12 hours after application.

  • Rehaucils price:€80
  • Rehaucils price + dye:€100

Semi-permanent makeup

For whom? For those who want to no longer have to touch up their eyebrows regularly, there is semi-permanent makeup. Several methods are possible:point by point, microblading, lash line, eyeliner etc…

Each has its own method depending on what you want.

For each of the services, the duration of the treatment is very quick and the amazing result , the expert will trace a curve with a needle, which will color your eyebrows and fill in the bare areas.

  • Eyebrows price:€200
  • Microblading price:€280
  • Raz de Cils price:€100 to €160
  • Eyeliner price:€180

The male workshop

Men also have the right to their restructuring.

The effect is natural and the hair removal keeps the manly line of the male eyebrow.

  • Restructuring fee:€30
  • Maintenance:€20

Why do we like to get pampered at the eyebrow workshop?

The reception and the universe

Les ateliers du Sourcil have a very nice decoration for their living rooms. Inspired by the chic baroque style, you feel perfectly at home there as soon as you ring the bell at the front door. We are always very well received there! the person at the reception takes our coats and offers us a coffee and then we are invited to wait in a cocooning atmosphere.

When the service begins, we are comfortably installed on a mattress while we are pampered.

The possibility of showing up with or without an appointment

We also like the possibility of going to a salon with or without an appointment.

Quality of service

The fact that Atelier du Sourcil specializes in the beauty of the eyes is a real guarantee of quality for customers. Practitioners know exactly how to highlight our look.

Products offered

We like to discover new specialized products for the eyes. Like Browshape Clear Setting Gel which allows you to fix the pencil you are applying or simply to fix after brushing the eyebrow.

Special favorite also for Mine Eclat Nude Eclair corrective mine which hides imperfections and enhances the work done on the eyebrows.

We end this article in style with two gift ideas for Christmas :pretty beauty and make-up boxes.

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