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How to dress well when it rains?

Being like a Broadway star while singingI'm singing in the rain , it is very beautiful. But in reality, rain often means frizzy hair, wet feet and wind blowing on our make-up... In short, the rain really doesn't make you want to dress up.

What if we told you that dress well when it rains , It's entirely possible. And what could be more trendy than a very "pimped" girl who walks by with her umbrella as if the drops don't reach her? Because if we, common mortals, are too lazy to take out our pretty outfits in bad weather, the fashionista, she does not hesitate for a second. She knows how to find the trendy and urban style, perfect for rainy weather.

So how do you become one of them? How to dress when it rains (while being on top of the trends)?

3 ultra-trendy fashion pieces to dress up when it rains

Patent or transparent raincoat

Okay, we grant you, this fashion piece looks more like a Fashion Week outfit than a standard rain gear. So you have to dare to wear it.

However, as the fashion muse of the whole world, the beautiful Carrie Bradshow bySex and the city , would not hesitate for a second.

An ultra modern and trendy version of the traditional raincoat , a tad sad and old-fashioned.

It gives a very haute couture look perfect for dressing in rainy weather . Do you dare this trend?

Rain boots

Riding boots, rain boots or high boots, boots are the shoes you need when it rains.

The rain boot is becoming a must-have. We wear it with everything:dresses, skirts, jeans, etc. It is precisely a skill to mix leather rain boots or in rubber with a chic and trendy urban outfit.

The trench coat

If you are looking for a rain look to be chic and elegant, just put on a trench coat! A timeless and timeless item of clothing, the trench coat is the light mid-season coat that we can no longer do without.

How to accessorize your outfit when it's raining?

What shoes to wear in the rain?

The big question that all women ask themselves:what shoes to wear when it rains in summer ? Because if we are warm in our boots in winter, this is not the case for our chilly toes in sandals.

Rain and sandals don't mix…Imminent risk of falling and slipping.

So what to put on your feet? Waterproof sneakers, derbies, moccasins... In short, everything that secures your stability and gives you a good dose of elegance.

The umbrella:a fashion accessory

Attention ladies, pay attention. No, your umbrella is not just for practical purposes!

Picture yourself ultra-stylish from head to toe, with your grandmother's umbrella under your arm? A bit of a shame, isn't it?

A real fashionista will opt for a pretty umbrella that fits all her clothing styles. And that's good, because when it comes to choice, the umbrella comes in countless feminine and glam versions.

So forget the umbrella offered by your company and buy yourself a trendy and feminine umbrella. I promise, it won't ruin you, you'll find cool models for less than 10€.



  • To dress well in the rain, you don't need to change your habits.
  • Your outfits should stay the same! Skirts dresses, small silk tops etc.
  • What's changing? Your coats, jackets and shoes, which should make your journeys in the rain comfortable and warm.
  • The perfect fashion piece? The trench coat, the transparent raincoat and trendy rain boots!
  • Don't forget to choose a feminine and girly umbrella to enhance your look and you're done!!
  • Bring out your colored pieces to brighten up your looks!!Dressing in the rain doesn't mean dressing for a funeral.