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What outfit for a baptism?

Find formal attire is not a long calm river. Each ceremony has its own dress codes and because of wanting to do well, we sometimes don't know how to dress. she must be dressed without looking like you are going to a charity gala .It is therefore necessary to find a happy medium between the chic everyday outfit, the evening outfit and the sober but elegant outfit that are expected of you for a baptism. . This is what we will discuss together in this article. How to dress for a baptism ?

Christening attire:which style to approach?

Baptism is a religious ceremony. It therefore goes without saying thatyour outfit should be correct, elegant and rather neutral . This does not mean that flashy colors are to be avoided but certain rules are necessary to choose your outfit. Baptism evokes sweetness, candor and purity. Thus, to choose your women's christening outfit , you will have to keep this in mind so as not to be mistaken.

Key materials for a christening outfit.

Of course, some materials are suitable for a christening outfit. This is the case of lace and embroidery which are very elegant and ensure a feminine look full of purity. For a very chic ceremonial outfit or for a baptism in winter you can also go for velvet , tweed or this kind of warm material that brings cachet and even a little BCBG style.Avoid :jeans that are far too casual and leather that is far too daring.

Colors for a christening outfit

All soft shades are preferred: pastel blue, chick yellow, old rose, cream, lavender, lilac, water green etc. They bring the necessary softness to the event. If you prefer a dark color, nothing prevents you from going for a burgundy, fir green, midnight blue like a beautiful navy blue dress in lace for example. On the printed sides, the soft flowers will go perfectly in the soft register of the baptism.

How to dress for a baptism?

Women's christening dress

There are many cuts of dresses to wear for a baptism. First of all, theceremonial dresses , pretty cocktail dresses are suitable for the event. But be careful, let's not forget that baptism is a religious ceremony. Also, in this type of event, it is the chic above all. No question of moving towards a dress that is too sexy, too short, too showy, too low-cut. Exit the too much !

Here are some tips for choosing your christening dress :

  • As for the cut, choose a model that highlights your morphology.
  • Go for long christening dresses and fluid, towards floral prints, pastel shades.
  • If you opt for a short dress, bet on a straight cut that is not too tight.
  • Look at skater dresses, dresses with a chic detail like a bow on the shoulder or even bohemian dresses, these are cuts suitable for the desired outfit. The bohemian dress can very well be a maxi dress or a short dress and even a midi dress. We define the bohemian style by loose and fluid cuts. softness and femininity must define the style of your dress above all.
  • You can choose a beautiful tulle dress, very fashionable this year.

The pants for a baptism

The alternative to the christening dress is pants. But not just any. First of all, we choose it according to its morphology as usual. An elegant cut like a paper bag , palazzo pants or tailored pants will be perfect for the event.
  • On the tint side, you can choose charcoal gray pants, soft pastel pink, yellow, navy blue, green, coral.
  • To achieve your christening look, combine your colored pants with a white or cream top with thin straps or a blouse if you are in winter.
  • You can complete your outfit with a matching blazer if you have chosen a trouser suit set.
  • Another option is to find a blazer in a suitable shade to finish your look.
As for shoes, we prefer heels . Small block heels, high heels, pumps, heels (even small ones) highlight high-waisted cuts such as fluid pants or paper bags. The opportunity to wear long tapered legs and refine the silhouette.

The jumpsuit:ideal outfit for going to a baptism

The other alternative to pants that works perfectly for a battle is the jumpsuit . Very elegant, we will choose it in navy blue to be sure not to be mistaken. Navy blue is easy to accessorize. The advantage of the jumpsuit is that it suits all silhouettes . It lengthens the legs, it hides the curves, raises the waist and emphasizes the neckline.
  • If you're plump, opt for a dark jumpsuit with sleeves and enhance your neckline.
  • Do you have small breasts? Go for an asymmetrical one shoulder jumpsuit with a ruffled detail on the chest.
  • Fashion tip:to be elegant, opt for a navy blue jumpsuit with a lace detail, a bare back or a hidden sweetheart neckline.

Mistakes to avoid

  • Cuts that are too tight and too sexy, too short and vulgar.
  • The colors that are too flashy.
  • Don't confuse an elegant dress with a bridesmaid dress. You must be well dressed but you must not steal the show from the mother of the baptized young people or appear to be too dressed for the occasion.
  • Jeans, far too casual for the occasion.