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more color

more color

QUESTION: I have dark skin and I usually wear very little makeup. Still, I would like to follow the trends and wear more colors. How do I do that without immediately looking like Pipo the Clown?

ANSWER: “First of all, I think it's important that you always check whether the prevailing trends are also suitable for you. Blindly following makeup trends can quickly turn into a fashion flaw which actually has the opposite effect. In any case, I think you should adapt trends to and bend them to what suits you.

In your case, I would choose to accentuate the best points in your face. If that's your eyes, you can, for example, darken the upper lash line with a brown or black kohl pencil and blur this line slightly. Of course you can also use an eyeliner, but that may require some practice first. With a warm color on the moving eyelid, such as a bronze shade, you can make the eyes speak more. A mascara works wonders without immediately coming across as exaggerated. You can apply this in several layers (with Define-A-Lash from Maybelline NY that works well without lumps).

If you prefer to draw attention to your lips, apply a deep dark red shade. If you do this with your finger, keep the look very natural. You can use the same lipstick to create a beautiful blush on the cheekbones.”

Clayton Leslie, makeup artist Maybelline New York