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Exfoliating and peeling:you need to know this

Exfoliating and peeling:you need to know this

Do you occasionally refresh your facial skin with a scrub or peeling? Then we have listed five useful points of attention for you.

Your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun If you regularly exfoliate or exfoliate your skin, your skin will become more sensitive to sunlight. Protect your skin daily with at least factor 15.

Peelings can mess up your pigmentation
A peeling can have a beneficial effect on light pigmentation spots, but if you tackle it too thoroughly (high concentrations, excessive use) the natural pigmentation process can be disrupted. Scrubs and peels are therefore not recommended for dark skin tones.

Be careful if you have acne
The same applies to blemished acne skin:your skin can improve enormously, but excessive use/wrong product can also worsen your skin condition.

Do you have skin problems? Ask a skin expert for advice first
In case of serious skin conditions, it is wise to first ask for advice from a skin expert or dermatologist before using a scrub or peeling.

The dead skin layer protects your skin Remarkable:chemists from Leiden University recently discovered that the outermost dead skin cells form the skin's first line of defense against harmful free radicals. It is not yet clear whether removing this layer is bad for the other skin layers.

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