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This week on the Beautysphere #15

The best back-to-school hairstyle tutorials

Not sure how to style your hair this fall? Teen Vogue gives great ideas for days lacking inspiration:the American magazine has selected the best video tutorials on Youtube. Ponytails, braids... Easy to style your hair following the instructions of these beauty Youtubers!

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Nail art on the feet or behind the nails…

Allure and the Huffinton Post show us two of the latest trends in nail art and the least we can say is that it leaves us rather speechless! At a pinch we can have fun doing some nail art on our toes but we pass our turn regarding the nail art behind the fingernails, the "Reverse Nail Art"... In addition for that, we must have very long nails, difficult to live with and maintain.

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> See examples of "Reverse Nail Art" on the Huffington Post

We are passionate about the history of Estée Lauder

The French blogger Beautylicieux is a big fan of Estée Lauder, this American precursor in terms of cosmetics and make-up, at the head of a real beauty empire. Her story and her vision of beauty are very interesting and very well told by the blogger.

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