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Bee products to become a beauty queen!

Long live the bees! In addition to being essential in the fragile balance of the environment, bees are creators of incredible cosmetics. Zoom on these productions of the hive which contribute to our beauty and our well-being.

Honey, the natural answer to all questions

We no longer present honey and its restorative, antiseptic and healing properties. Pure organic honeys are even used by medicine in hospitals to treat the skin of severe burns. Honey helps cover a healthy, structured and elastic epidermis. Not to mention its country scent! The nourishing power of honey makes it a very effective anti-aging product. The Antipodes Manuka Honey Eye Contour treatment helps preserve this very fragile area of ​​the face and defends it against oxidative factors. Honey also helps to repair the sensitized scales of the hair fiber. Propolia Organic Gentle Shampoo smoothes and shapes the hair by coating it with nutrition. So, it is always good to have a multi-purpose honey balm like the Baume La Petite Cévenole “Autentico” from Belesa. On the face, chapped lips, dry hands and joints or even stretch marks, this treatment is constantly effective.

Pollen, star seed

Although it may seem strange to consume it at first glance, pollen is an incredible source of energy! Pollen Polyfloral Ballot-Flurin contains fibers, proteins, naturally hydrating sugar, amino acids, vitamins but also trace elements! Its antioxidant properties make it an exceptional product to the rescue of our overall well-being.

Propolis, hunter of bacteria and free radicals!

With propolis, it's no longer a joke! Anti-bacterial and very rich in polyphenols (anti-oxidants), it is a natural treasure synonymous with beauty and lasting well-being. It is found in many sanitizing treatments such as Ballot-Flurin's alcohol-free Intimate Hygiene Bar and Smile Spray, but also in beautifying cosmetics such as Propolia's Purity Face Mask.

The choice is yours!