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International Running Club:The club for runners with style

The beautiful days are coming, the terraces have reopened, life is back to normal... It's time to be able to go out with care, while showing off your style. Focus on a small French brand that caught our eye:International Running Club.

International Running Club:The club for runners with style

The International Running Club means displaying your passion for running without wearing a neon anti-perspirant outfit that stings your eyes a little on the terraces. "We realized that the major lifestyle trends had their sportswear versions but not running" , explains Christophe Tomas, one of the co-founders.

It is a brand that combines passion for running and style by offering a whole range of products (T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies) designed in France and produced in Portugal. All 100% organic cotton to be as ethical and responsible as possible. An echo of a sport that is "clean and responsible" , he continues.

Whether you're more in the mood for Coachella, Copa Cabana or more raw in Liverpool, you can travel and make people travel just by dressing up. The objective is always to mix "a spot and an iconic imagery" .

By digging a little, we even managed to unearth the future destinations of the IRC. In preparation, Tokyo and the Harajuku district, Ibiza, Venice Beach, Formentera... and maybe Berlin.

In short, we fell in love.