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The cult product:Benetint from Benefit

The cult product:Benetint from Benefit Back to the amazing story of this tinted water for lips and cheeks, originally designed for a stripper. And which still seduces nearly half a century later.

Twins Jean and Jane Ford have learned a lot from professional makeup artists through their modeling career. In 1976, they decided to leave New York for San Francisco. They opened their first store dedicated to make-up, The Face Place. An atypical place offering fun and original formulas.

The recipe for success

One day, a stripper walks into the store. She is looking for a product capable of intensifying the color of her nipples, which she finds too pale. Jean and Jane try the bluff, claim to be out of stock and offer the customer to come back a few days later, time to test their idea.

In their workshop, they boil rose petals to create the elixir whose color meets the needs of their client. We are in 1977. The product was born under the name of Rose Tint. Word of mouth is spreading and strippers are flocking to the store to get the miracle formula.

The Ford sisters divert it for the mouth, the cheeks and recommend it as a liquid blush or colored water for the lips. It has since been a bestseller. Six hundred thousand bottles are sold each year. In 1990, The Face Place became Benefit. And Rose Tint becomes Benetint. The formula is no longer artisanal but it continues to seduce thanks to its carmine pigments.

Benetint now comes in an entire collection of tinted liquids:Posietint, a candy pink, Chachatint, a coral, Lollitint, a rosewood and High Beam, a pearl highlighter.

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How to use Benetint from Benefit?

Benetint can be used alone on the mouth or as a base to tint the lips before applying lipstick. It can also be slipped under a lip balm, to transparently pigment the mouth.

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On the cheekbones, this tinted water is applied with the fingertips or applied using a foundation brush. A few drops on the top of the cheekbones are enough for a natural result.

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